Are you worried that you will be surrounded by so many sugary treats over the holidays and all of the work you did this year to be thin and healthy will just all fall apart?  Well worry no longer because I have many wonderful healthy decadent desserts that you can make and share with your loved ones.  This is the true sharing of your love when you make something that is not only delicious and satisfying but healthy for them too.

With my desserts, every single ingredient supports your health.  I never use simple sugars, or unhealthy fats or processed white flour.  Eating my desserts not only satisfies your cravings in a very deep way, but they also support your body in preventing illnesses and losing or balancing your weight.  Imagine too that you can eat dessert and never feel guilty again!  Here is a sample that you will find in the new edition of my recipe book, “Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health”, being released next week on Amazon.

Chocolate Almond Truffles

Chocolate Mousse

Sweet and Yummy Coconut Balls

Cranberry Pecan Balls

Fresh Apple Pie

Peach Ice Cream

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