Empower Yourself with the Secrets to Success

Burned out, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled? Take everything you’ve heard about peak performance and set that all aside – you’re making it harder than it has to be. It’s time to Stress Less and Succeed More.

Janet’s coaching programs will leave you with the unbelievable ability to elevate your thoughts, emotions, and energy in a way that allows your life to flow with ease instead of stress. The time is now to discover the surprising secrets that will change your life for the better, forever.

Masterpiece Masterclass Membership

Join our like-minded group of dynamic high achievers as you strategize live online with Success Expert and High Performance Consultant, Janet McKee. Tap into the power of group energy as you share, uplift, and inspire each other towards true success.


  • Get exclusive access to Janet through monthly live online video calls
  • Cover a new Accelerated High Performance Program topic each session
  • Openly discuss achievements, lessons learned, and challenges with a brilliant group of peers
  • Access unlimited replays of every session 
  • Members-Only Open Forum to answer questions
  • Flexible, No-Commitment Monthly $39 membership

Accelerated High Performance Coaching

Just like a high performance athlete – Gain the benefits of having your own personal coach who promises to inspire you, challenge you, and enlighten you with the newest discoveries, delivered through a unique proven methodology that is sure to move the ball forward so that you can score your biggest life goals.


  • Complimentary one-hour coaching session with Janet to discuss your personal situation, goals, and desired results 
  • Your personalized program designed based on your needs identified during your confidential introductory call
  • Access to all the benefits of our Stressless Success Monthly Masterclass Live Group Coaching sessions and recordings
  • Adaptable program that flows with your constantly changing personal and professional environment 
  • Access to a network of high-achievers and business leaders
  • Free tickets to our emPower3 Leadership + Lifestyle Retreats

Janet is Your Resource to Finally Achieve True Success

Would you like to live a happier, more fulfilling life of success, but have been struggling to find out how? 

Or, have you achieved some level of success in your life but have paid a steep price and are afraid to reach for more?

Well, I was there, too. 

As a former Fortune 500 executive who almost died from extreme corporate burnout (and hit rock bottom in every area of my life), I searched the world for answers. After discovering the truth about achievement, fulfillment, and true prosperity, I rose from the ashes and now dedicate my life to helping others succeed without stress. 

Take everything you’ve heard about achieving success and dealing with stress and set that all aside. You are about to discover your unbelievable inner power to achieve a life of passion, purpose, and prosperity. You have my commitment to stand by you, until you do. 

– Janet

Interview with Jeff H. – Private Coaching Client

When we first met, I was frustrated and unhappy. I wanted help to change that. I wanted an approach, a program that would have lasting results. I have gotten that and more. I find our sessions and your coaching to be energizing and exciting. With your help, I have begun to see my true self and to know how to tap into who I am. Call it vibrating at a higher level or pure positivity; it’s powerful. I can’t wait to find out what’s next.

Jeff H.

High Ranking Military Official

Janet, You are an amazing coach!  You get right to the heart of what is most important and then build clear steps to transforming one’s life so that a person’s goals are accomplished.  This work is the real deal and works.  Thank you for caring enough to want to help so many people!

Alice H.

Harvard Ph.D