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Experience a NEW WAY to achieve a greater life

Become empowered with new discoveries on how to live a more joyful, fulfilling and thus a more successful life through Janet McKee’s acclaimed SanaView Success Methodology. This is a far different approach to getting further in life.

These are high-level solutions for all high achievers. This is the ultimate leadership training available for people at all levels of life.

Our SanaView Success Methodology is an Accelerated High-Performance Program because it helps you to achieve incredible results faster because it is the only methodology that is complete. You are about to experience our methodology which is a true one-of-kind approach because it considers every area of your life in a way that is truly transformational. Other programs lack balance. They focus too much on one thing but it is the full spectrum of your life that must be considered to truly experience the level of joy and fulfillment that we know is possible for you.

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Stress Less, Succeed More

Achieve a true and deeper meaning of success 

You’re about to gain a heightened sense of what success truly means and how to experience this for yourself. Get ready to become crystal clear on a true and deeper meaning of success and discover exactly how to achieve this fresh perspective on what success looks like and feels like.

As a high achiever, you’ve already worked hard to get where you are. You know intuitively that there is more to life, but you don’t know what it looks like exactly or how to get there. We know you’ve tried everything, but something is still missing. Your strive toward success has also been too hard and you’ve possibly paid a steep price and are afraid to reach for more. We’re here to tell you that you’re making it harder than it has to be but it’s not your fault. Like us, we too were missing the key piece to achieving higher and greater success with ease. We’ve now discovered the truth and these unique concepts will enable you to leap higher and farther than you ever could imagine with inspired action that leads to ultimate fulfillment.

High achievers never settle for status quo – they are always reaching for greater levels even in areas that seem to be good. Wouldn’t you rather be equipped with the tools you need to continue to create success again and again? This is not a one-time experience.

You do change through the experiences you have. What you need, however, are experiences that instill in you a knowing of your own personal power which will lead to true ongoing transformations. True transformations are effectual and enduring – not a fleeting moment of time that creates only a memory.

Your Ultimate Power Lies Within You

Our program is based on the newest and most unique findings that go way beyond the old worn-out teachings focused solely on the very limited mindset principles. This goes beyond simply trying to choose positive thoughts and instead taps into harnessing the power that is already within you.

Trying to control your thoughts creates stress and struggle that only block opportunities and solutions from flowing into your life. You will get better results faster when you break down the walls of resistance created by struggle. Let go of trying to control your mind and instead learn how to elevate and expand your state of being (or energy).

If you work with me, I’ll take you through a process that will help you tap into your inner energy to get into the free flow state where unbelievable solutions and opportunities flow to you with ease. It’s a completely new approach.

When you unleash your ultimate inner power, you immediately create success.


True success is when you feel uplifted and inspired and you take action from these more elevated ways of living and working. From these more inspired states of flow, greater opportunities and solutions arrive that you may never have thought of with the limited power of your mind alone.

It’s time to harness your power by utilizing the newest breakthrough in success and high performance.

Be one of the first to tap into your amazing power.

True productivity is not just about taking action. Being highly productive, which leads to incredible success, is when you get good results from your action. Good results only come from inspired action. And, when you work and live at these elevated states of being, you end your day feeling energized instead of exhausted.

It is our unique approach of combining 20 years of research from the High Performance institute with Janet’s fresh discoveries that far surpass the power of your mind that we’ve created a program that guarantees almost immediate and what sometimes appears miraculous results.

It’s Not Your Effort, It’s Your Energy.

The SanaView Success Methodology provides transformative experiences certain to elevate your way of being which is the secret to creating a successful and fulfilling life. Success is not only about monetary success, even though this is a huge component to living a full life. A truly rich life is more than material things. Possibly you are stressed, burned out, you’ve paid a steep price and have hit a wall in your level of achievement and are not feeling fulfilled. You’ve tried everything and need something new that helps you to achieve more than just money.  When you learn to live and work in this more elevated and inspired way, however, the money comes. Financial abundance is a fabulous byproduct of all of your inspired and empowered efforts.

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Greater joy while accomplishing more – guaranteed.

Life is not only about experiencing great things. It’s about experiencing great joy from the things you experience. When you learn to experience great joy first, you will begin to experience more great things.

Achievement and success look different in this modern age. Our new definition of wealth is a higher, more achievable definition for everyone – not just the wealthy. Wealth certainly has a monetary component but being truly rich is about having joy and fulfillment at the highest levels across the full spectrum of your life.

Truly successful people are what we call The New Wealthy. They are healthy, energized, and inspired with positive anticipation. They love the finer things but are also down-to-earth and appreciate quality time in Mother Nature and other soulful engagements with family and friends. When you feel more fulfilled, however, the money comes. It is an automatic by product of who you’ve now become.

People want more out of life and we want those people who want more out of life.

At SanaView, we introduce you to a new way of living and being that fully transforms you in a way that empowers you to create greater success in all areas of your life from inspiration, not perspiration. This is how you shift from stress to success or experience what we call the Stressless Success Shift, based on the new discoveries shared in Janet McKee’s best-selling book.

We create an engaging and uplifting environment in all of our programs so that you open yourself up to endless possibilities and begin to experience the fruits of your inner shift.

It’s time to release the struggle and open up to your unlimited potential to experience a truly fulfilling life. Because when you do, you and your organization are certain to:

Boost Your Energy

Boost Employee Engagement

Boost Client Satisfaction

Boost Your Revenue

Boost Your Productivity

Boost Your Profitability

Boost Your Bottom Line

Experience Greater Success and Deep Fulfillment via the Ultimate in High-Performance Leadership Training.  

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Feel Inspired through Transformational Talks and Workshops

Well respected amongst her peers, Janet Mckee is an experienced keynote speaker known for captivating her audiences through research-based discoveries, real-life experience, and a genuine passion toward inspiring others.

Become Enlightened through Best-Selling Books and Articles

#1 Best-Selling author, Janet McKee, combines her extensive knowledge and personal experience to craft life-changing books and published articles that benefit the lives of all readers.

Be Empowered through Private Coaching and in-depth Consultations

Burned out, overwhelmed, and unfulfilled? Take everything you’ve heard about peak performance and set that all aside – you’re making it harder than it has to be. It’s time to experience more success with less stress.

Energize Yourself through Group Gatherings of High Achievers

Strategize live online with a like-minded group of dynamic high achievers lead by Success Expert and High Performance Consultant, Janet McKee, in our Exclusive Members Only Monthly Masterpiece Masterclass. 


A Leader in High Performance and Success

Janet McKee is a visionary leader in the realms of high achievement, success, abundance and creating a life of ultimate joy and fulfillment unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Her new and fresh perspectives come from a personal discovery that has elevated her teachings way beyond the standard mindset philosophy to empower you with the ultimate tools to create a successful and fulfilling life.

What a relief to finally discover the missing key to truly unlock your incredible potential  beyond your wildest imagination.


Far surpassing the old limited teachings focused only on ways of thinking, Ms. McKee offers a more effective and enjoyable approach to life by shifting your way of being. This has empowered her clients and audiences to transcend prior limitations and struggle and is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Education and Certifications

After obtaining her MBA from the University of Pittsburgh and climbing the corporate ladder in several Fortune 500 companies, the stress and pressure took her down and she almost died of massive burnout. After discovering how to naturally heal her body, mind, and soul, Janet rose from the ashes and became passionate about helping others achieve stress-free successful lives by pursuing a wellness degree from Columbia University.

After working for many years to help people achieve greater levels of wellbeing, Janet expanded her expertise by researching how psychology impacts a person’s ability to achieve personal and professional goals. Based on this work, she has achieved the status of being selected as one of only 200 elite Certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world and has received the honor of being awarded membership into the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers.

Recognized and endorsed by leaders in her industry, Janet has been interview on countless media outlets including TV, Radio, and numerous well-known podcasts and webinars around the world.


Janet is the creator of the innovative and acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program and emPower3 Leadership + Lifestyle Retreat designed to help others fuel their passion, positivity and purpose. Through her SanaView Success Methodology her clients make the Stressless Success Shift™, which inspires others to break negative patterns and achieve greater success. She is a vibrant and inspirational speaker who is known for captivating audiences through the use of real-life stories that engage, entertain, uplift and empower people with real solutions that they can begin to use immediately to realize their dreams.

Whether you consult with Janet directly, or hire her to speak to your organization, or peruse her multitude of online courses and inspirations, you are certain to become more knowledgeable, uplifted and motivated to improve your life.


As the founder and CEO of SanaView, Janet has released her new #1 best-selling book titled, Stressless Success™: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity, she released her own recipe book titled, Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health, and co-authored a best-selling book with Brian Tracy and other experts titled, Ready, Set, Go! Janet is also the Executive Producer of the award-winning documentary, Bethany’s Story about the healing power of food.

Because of her passion for healthy living, Janet spends her free time helping to develop SanaView Farms, her 52-acre historic landmark organic farm, winery, and event venue nestled in the Laurel Mountains of Pennsylvania. There, she teaches ways to regenerate our land and our health through natural living and eating. A true powerhouse of positive energy and motivation, Janet is poised to dramatically improve the lives of everyone she touches.


Janet has dedicated her life to teaching proven methods to achieve elevated and expanded levels of energy, engagement, joy and confidence which are the keys to her success in helping others. She takes immense pride in positively impacting thousands of lives each year, helping them achieve a new more fulfilling state of being which is the key to living a successful life.

Janet believes that charitable giving is an important aspect of a fulfilling life. She regularly donates time, money, and food to organizations locally and nationally.

Experience the refreshing brilliance of Janet’s SanaView Success Methodology.



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