Leading You to a Successful Life

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Leading You to a Successful Life

February 24, 2019 @ 5:00 pm - February 26, 2019 @ 1:00 pm

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Experience the power and momentum of group energy as you gather with others to discover your joy and passion for living for ultimate success.

When and Where

Beginning Sunday, Feb. 24th at 5:00 PM
Through Tuesday, Feb. 26th at 1:00 PM
The Waterstone by Hilton Resort
in the beautiful and sunny
Boca Raton, Florida
Discover Innovative, Science-Backed Strategies to finally Achieve Success both professionally and personally by learning how to:
  • Increase Your Energy, Joy, and Confidence – RAISE YOUR VIBE!
  • Eliminate Stress and Gain Freedom From Fear 
  • Be a Motivational Leader with Positivity and Passion
  • Achieve Success and Fulfillment in Every Area of Your Life 
Plus get access to:
  • Our full Triumphant Life of Abundance online course that includes over 12 modules to supplement everything you will learn here ($597 value)
  • Monthly group coaching for an entire year ($360 value)
  • Two Best-Selling books designed to help you achieve your goals ($50 value)
  • Premium Membership with access to countless articles, videos and more ($120 value)

Happiness Cultivates Success

This retreat is unlike anything you have experienced or heard before. We have the newest, innovative, science-backed strategies and tools proven to finally help you achieve success in every area of your life, and we want you to have them now.

The cornerstone of all success is based on your level of joy and fulfillment, not the other way around.  The problem is that happiness is elusive for many. In today’s world, everyone lives at a level of stress, fear and anxiety, that destroys the quality of their work, their relationships, and their health.  People keep striving and struggling only to be left feeling stuck and frustrated because they can’t seem to reach the levels in life they long for.

Welcome to our Accelerated High Performance Retreat.  High Performance is about breaking free from mediocrity and excelling in all areas of your life consistently over time. We are going to teach you innovative ideas to achieve success both personally and professionally while maintaining the health and happiness required to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Pricing and Registration

Access to the retreat is $1995 with a limited time early adopter price at $1477 to include all of the workshops, your materials, organic food and wine, entertainment and ongoing live group support for an entire year! Click the buttons below to view your one or two payment options! Group rates for your room are available.
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Join Leaders in High Performance and Success

Janet McKee, Bob Eckle

In this retreat, you will learn and discuss specific science-backed strategies that you can incorporate in your business and your life to get immediate and positive results. These are proven methods to help you achieve greater levels of success as a result of 20 years of research by the High Performance Institute.

Join Janet McKee, CEO of Sanaview, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Wellness Expert and Certified in High Performance, and Bob Eckle, Business Owner and Leader in Employee Motivation and Retention, who are both known for leading individuals and companies through expertly crafted workshops and inspirational talks, unlike anything you may have experienced before.

I know this sounds like a bold promise, but stick with us as we unveil new information that we are finally ready to bring to individuals and organizations which is going to completely change and improve the way people work and live.

Video Interview and Masterclass

Watch Janet and Bob explain how this retreat is designed to change your life from the ground up.
Watch Live Interview
Register to watch our FREE Online Masterclass to learn ways to immediately boost your bottom line.
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Who would benefit from this program?

Anyone who wants to join the world’s most accomplished people by learning proven methods to take your business and all areas of your life to the next level and beyond would benefit.

What others have experienced:

Sonia M.

I loved the way you made me feel welcome, the food was delicious, and my favorite part of the retreat was the tour of your farm. It made the whole experience worthwhile for me.  It was clear that the retreat was your vision and you showed humility in your delivery. You have an extremely compelling story and your content added value to our lives.  I liked the structure of your presentations from day 1 to day 3. It was an effective build up to the last day where you knocked it out of the park. It was great closing that left us on a high note.

As a speaker, Janet has many great qualities including showing her vulnerability and her inclusiveness, but most importantly, she provided simple solutions to problems. Impressive! Bob added his business acumen and contributed valuable insights into his successful business world. It was insightful, valuable and fun.

Terri Y.

I am so grateful I was able to come and spend a few days away from my “ordinary life” to experience beautiful surroundings and beautiful people.  My life has truly been changed because of it. Simply having this place to come and step away from my normal routine of life refreshed me on so many levels and helped me refocus on the foundations of a healthy, vibrant life.  I loved the farm, the hike we took, the amazing food and, of course, the bonfire (felt right at home).  Oh yes, and the drum circle was definitely a once in a lifetime experience; weird and wonderful as Angela put it.  The diversity of people, the beautiful setting and of course, the teachings shared by Janet and Bob and their willingness to be transparent helped me understand myself better and enriched my life on so many levels. I felt the retreat was very well organized, balanced and flowed according to a well thought out schedule.” 

Sharon G.

“Hearing your lectures was great as it made me think about all of these practices. It is easy to forget things and getting regular reinforcements is so necessary! You did that superbly for me! The retreat was very worthwhile and I enjoyed it very much.

The wellness piece you incorporated is desperately missing from other leadership trainings and I love how you tied it together – this is great, and definitely a newer way of thinking for leaders, I’m sure! You took so many great pieces and sewed them together as though they’ve always been meant to be together. That is so powerful and I love how you did that!”


This is not your typical boring same-old workshop on productivity and wellness.

Get ready for something new, creative and truly inspiring!


Access to the retreat is $1477. Click the buttons below to view your two payment options!
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The issue today is:
  • 61% of employees are burned out
  • As stress increases, missed work days increases costing organizations $3.5 billion each year
  • From 2016 to 2017 health care costs rose by 79%
  • As health declines, productivity declines
  • Loss of productivity costs 2-3x more than any direct health care expense


The good news is:

There is a proven and predictable system of precise, actionable, repeatable, scalable, and sustainable things, that we’ve learned from the world’s most successful people, which you can do to Unleash Your Greatest Abilities.

We share this because we want you to have the absolute best quality of life.

And, if you did have a proven and predictable system, you would experience:
  • Less Lost Work Days by 50%
  • Greater Productivity by 67%
  • Less Stress and Depression
  • Greater Employee Satisfaction by 67%
  • Leading to: Greater Financial Sustainability and Growth by 63%


With the average return on investment in these programs ranging from $3.27 and up to $7 per dollar spent, this is well worth your investment of time and money. And, the benefits will be realized in as little as 6 weeks.


Sunday, Feb. 24th

  • Arrive at your leisure
  • 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm:
    • Welcome reception, cocktails, and dinner
    • Kick-off keynote presentations
    • Evening entertainment


Monday, Feb. 25th

  • 7 am – Optional morning energizing group experience
  • 8 am – 9 am: Breakfast
  • 9 am – 12 pm: Introduction to Proven High Performance Research and Strategies
  • Deep Dive into High Performance concepts to boost Energy, productivity, Mindset, Clarity, and Confidence
  • 12 pm – 1 pm: Buffet lunch – Keynote Talk
  • 1 pm – 2 pm: Break
  • 2 pm – 4 pm: Motivation and Morale Boosters to Get Results on Personal and Employee Productivity and Retention
  • 4 pm – 8 pm: TBD


Tuesday, Feb 26th

  • 7 am – Optional morning energizing group experience
  • 8 am – 9 am: Breakfast
  • 9 am – 12 pm: Live with Intention and Purpose – How to obtain ongoing support
  • 12 pm – 1 pm: Buffet lunch, awards, and gifts
  • 1 pm – ending: Relaxation time and departure


What to Expect

  • Organic naturally-raised foods including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options
  • Dress casual, however, golf attire is required on the golf course.
  • Bring golf or tennis equipment as desired.
  • All organic food, wine, workshops, materials, and activities are included and will be provided.
Access to the retreat is $1477. Click the buttons below to view your two payment options!
For Pricing, Bonuses and to Register

What is there to do in the area?

Boca Raton is home to some of the most beautiful sea-side amenities. You can learn more about activities in Boca Raton HERE.


February 24, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
February 26, 2019 @ 1:00 pm


The Waterstone by Hilton
999 East Camino Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432 United States
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Janet McKee