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Fuel Your Passion, Positivity and Purpose – May

May 10, 2019 @ 5:00 pm - May 11, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

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Make 2019 Your Year of Stressless SuccessTM!

If you ask our clients how they did it, they will tell you that they owe it all to one single event.


May 10th at 5PM – May 11th at 5PM


The Riverstone Estate

Foxburg, PA

How did you feel about your life?

  • Are you working harder than ever but not getting ahead?
  • Are you stuck in a box of negative thinking and desperate to get out?
  • Are you waking up feeling exhausted and hit the snooze button because you lost your zest for life?
  • Are you struggling with relationship issues in your life and your business?
  • Are you feeling unclear about your purpose in this stage of your life?


Well, we are overflowing with joy and appreciation over witnessing the positive breakthroughs our attendees’ experience and now it is your turn!

We’re inviting you to watch your life and career take off faster than you ever thought possible!


Thank you for being here. We are so passionate about seeing you elevate every area of your life so it is awesome that you’ve come this far.

Imagine what your life will be like when you begin to wake up every morning feeling refreshed yet excited to begin your day filled with passion, positivity and purpose.

Imagine what it feels like to enjoy deep, lasting and fulfilling personal and professional relationships that bring joy to your heart and a bounce to each step.

Imagine ending each day with the thrill of knowing that your level of energy and clarity helped you tackle your to do list with incredible stress free success.

Imagine each day being able to keep your sights set on who you truly want to be.

Imagine looking back on 2019 with the feeling of pride because you have accomplished all of your goals with ease and grace, mastered your habits, and strengthened your relationships. It’s the feeling of living a full and successful life and being able to share that with your friends and family.

You are now excited about creating even greater goals for a greater life going forward. 

Welcome to the emPowerTM Leadership + Lifestyle Retreat where you will finally stand in your power to achieve the high-performing life of your dreams. 

Are you really going to live another day feeling tired, stuck, and frustrated?

As soon as you step through the doors on the first evening, you’ll discover that there’s nothing that will get you to success faster than the emPowerTM teachings from masters in positive psychology, wellness, motivation, and business leadership. 

Get out of your chaotic environment and nourish your mind and body with fresh organic food, wine, and inspirational talks to kick off your life-changing experience. 

Here are some of the insights and secrets shared by our experts:

Wake up feeling rejuvenated and excited to start each day rich with energizing routines and engaging, interactive workshops.

Mindset Shift

Accelerate your path to success through research-based, proven strategies to turn challenges into opportunities

Gain Clarity and Courage

Combat today’s negativity with passion and purpose

The Purposeful Life

Uncover your deeper purpose to achieve success

Motivation Mastery

Master the art of elevating motivation and morale 

Advanced Techniques in Goal-Setting

Master the art of actually achieving your goals

Power Up

Increase performance through positivity and passion

Powered by You

Harness your energy to create your journey to better living

Stressless Success

Eliminate struggle in order to experience success

Join us for a deep-dive into the powerful world of passion and positivity to drive your personal and professional success. With a proven approach to leading your life and a lifestyle of wellness and high-performance, this retreat will make a lifelong impact. 

Of course the real “WOW” factor is the way you will feel energized and uplifted with crystal clarity on how to go out and crush it in every area of your life.

Our success experts will step you through the exact strategies and tools you need.


The use of real-life examples will give you the confidence to begin to use and benefit from everything you’ve learned here. 

Meet Janet McKee and Bob Eckle

In this retreat, you will learn and discuss specific science-backed strategies that you can incorporate in your business and your life to get immediate and positive results. These are proven methods to help you achieve greater levels of success as a result of 20 years of research.

Join Janet McKee, motivational speaker, best-selling author, High Performance success coach and wellness expert and Bob Eckle, acclaimed business leader and employee motivation and retention expert as they unveil new information in a three-day retreat that will transform your personal and professional life.

“I’ve made it my personal mission to make sure you elevate every area of your life that I’ve even agreed to include live personal group coaching with me for an entire year! This is not a one-time retreat, but an ongoing program of self-development and advancement where even the sky is not your limit!”

– Janet McKee

This will give you the freedom to truly begin enjoying every part of your life like you never have before. Do not wait another minute! Be there for this must-attend event.


This retreat is the only place that merges leadership, productivity, and wellness into one comprehensive program where you will go from stress to success in a unique way like you’ve never seen before. 

If you’ve been waiting to finally get your big break or you’ve been struggling because your old ways of stressing and striving aren’t working anymore, register now! It’s time to break free from your old ways of living and working and enter into the positive and exhilarating life you hoped was possible.

This exclusive retreat is currently only $995 and includes:

  • expert-led workshops (Valued at $2000)
  • All of your fresh, organic, and naturally raised meals during the retreat (Valued at $500)
  • One year of live group coaching (Valued at $360) for ongoing support and mentorship
  • SanaView Premium Membership (Valued at $120) that includes videos, articles, recipes, and more to help you live a healthier and happier life
  • Books and Workbooks (Valued at $75) to deepen your learning experience
  • Triumphant life course (Valued at $597) to learn how to get all that you want out of life and more
  • Priceless results at a total value of $3652 is available for a limited time at only $995!


PLUS A SPECIAL BONUS (Valued at $97)

  • Complimentary access for our 21-Day Delightful Detox online course to help you begin now to get on your path to the high-energy stress-free life that you deserve
Register Today and Save!

Plus, there is something even more valuable…


Since we only select only a small intimate group, the retreat is a chance to make new contacts and build friendships with the opportunity to gather through the years at reunions and MasterMind meetings where we share progress and help each other realize even greater goals for your lives. 

You never know who you’ll meet or how they’ll help to change your life! The sooner you immerse yourself in these teachings, the sooner you will begin to experience the joy and freedom of stressless success which is why it is so important for you to be here.

I’m thrilled to offer you this incredible opportunity to launch your life immediately!


The emPowerTM retreat is more affordable than you would ever expect. While most professional retreats cost around $5,000 and personal coaching can range from $6,000 to $15,000… emPowerTM is only a $995 investment with included bonuses! The total value of the retreat with the bonuses at full price is $3,652. 

If you register today, you won’t pay anywhere near that, but instead, you will get special pricing of just $995! 

Plus, we give you maximum flexibility to pay in full and lock in the discounted pricing, or reserve your spot with an easy, 3-month payment plan! The choice is yours.

Register Today and Save!

Video Interview and Masterclass

Watch Janet and Bob explain how the past retreat was designed to change your life from the ground up.
Watch Live Interview
Register to watch our FREE Online Masterclass to learn ways to immediately boost your bottom line.
Watch Master Class

Who would benefit from this program?


Anyone who wants to join the world’s most accomplished people by learning proven methods to take your business and all areas of your life to the next level and beyond would benefit.

What others have experienced:

Sonia M.

I loved the way you made me feel welcome, the food was delicious, and my favorite part of the retreat was the [activities]. It made the whole experience worthwhile for me.  It was clear that the retreat was your vision and you showed humility in your delivery. You have an extremely compelling story and your content added value to our lives.  I liked the structure of your presentations from day 1 to day 3. It was an effective build up to the last day where you knocked it out of the park. It was great closing that left us on a high note.

As a speaker, Janet has many great qualities including showing her vulnerability and her inclusiveness, but most importantly, she provided simple solutions to problems. Impressive! Bob added his business acumen and contributed valuable insights into his successful business world. It was insightful, valuable and fun.

Terri Y.

I am so grateful I was able to come and spend a few days away from my “ordinary life” to experience beautiful surroundings and beautiful people.  My life has truly been changed because of it. Simply having this place to come and step away from my normal routine of life refreshed me on so many levels and helped me refocus on the foundations of a healthy, vibrant life.  I loved the hike we took, the amazing food and, of course, the bonfire (felt right at home).  Oh yes, and the drum circle was definitely a once in a lifetime experience; weird and wonderful as Angela put it.  The diversity of people, the beautiful setting and of course, the teachings shared by Janet and Bob and their willingness to be transparent helped me understand myself better and enriched my life on so many levels. I felt the retreat was very well organized, balanced and flowed according to a well thought out schedule.” 

Sharon G.

“Hearing your lectures was great as it made me think about all of these practices. It is easy to forget things and getting regular reinforcements is so necessary! You did that superbly for me! The retreat was very worthwhile and I enjoyed it very much.

The wellness piece you incorporated is desperately missing from other leadership trainings and I love how you tied it together – this is great, and definitely a newer way of thinking for leaders, I’m sure! You took so many great pieces and sewed them together as though they’ve always been meant to be together. That is so powerful and I love how you did that!”




Friday, May 10th

  • Gather with a group of like-minded professionals for a welcome reception and dinner that includes powerful keynote talks that will shift your life from struggle and challenge to stress-free awareness, ease, and positive expectation.


Saturday, May 10th

  • 8:00 AM  – Breakfast and Powered By You Energy and Productivity Wellness Workshop
  • 9:00 – 1:00 PM – Newest Science Based Workshops on Achievement and Leadership so that you break free from fears and limiting beliefs that hold you back and to achieve all of your goals and more with incredible courage, positivity and passion.
  • 1:00 – 2:00 PM – Lunch and Open Discussion
  • 2:00 – 5:00 PM – Gain Greater Levels of Influence, Persuasion, a Clearer Mindset and Uncover Your Deeper Purpose
  • 5:00 – 8:00 PM – Optional Dinner Mastermind Session for Success at Every Level and Every Area of Your Life


What to Expect


  • Organic naturally-raised foods including vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options
  • Dress casual, bring layers
  • All organic food, wine, workshops, materials, and activities are included and will be provided.

Pricing and Registration

  • Current Special Pricing: $995 
  • Full price: $2500
Register Today and Save!


May 10, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
May 11, 2019 @ 5:00 pm


Riverstone Estate
615 Riverstone Lane
Foxburg, PA 16036 United States
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Janet McKee