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This is a Powerful discussion on Violence, the Root Cause and How to Solve it.

My heart and prayers go out for those that have lost their lives or were injured in violent acts around the world.  My prayers go out to the police force that risked their lives to save others.  And especially, my heart goes out to those who are left behind to suffer in pain over losing a loved one in such a tragic way.

This all hits home for me literally, as a horrific situation occurred yesterday right here in Pittsburgh, practically in my backyard.  But I’ve been well aware of situations like this that have been occurring all around the world and have been contemplating various causes and possible solutions.

Those that follow my teachings know that I state that all problems have hidden opportunities within them.  When faced with a challenging situation, I recommend that we ask ourselves, “what good may come of this?”  Yesterday, I found two things.

1) People tend to come together in serious times.

Yesterday, right after the horrible incident occurred, I received a text from my son, Nathan, telling me to stay home and stay safe, as there was danger nearby.  I then called my parents to discuss the situation and see what they thought.  I even received a phone call from a very good friend of mine from NY that I hadn’t spoken to for some time and this gave us an opportunity to reconnect.  I also noticed more cars than usual at the local church signifying that more people than normal were at their place of worship praying for the victims and their families.  For these, I am actually grateful.

2) Challenging situations motivate us to look for solutions.

Some have said that because of this, we need more security and ways to help protect ourselves.  This is very good and important as a short-term fix but this is also just a Band-Aid over a symptom, in my opinion, and we need to look at the underlying root cause. What is the root cause?  I believe we do not value each other enough and we don’t respect our differences. Also, we don’t seem to value life anymore.  We criticize and judge others and often this is the focus and all that we see on TV or social media.

America is an amazing country with a mix of religions, cultures, races, and beliefs.  It is what makes this country so great and so interesting. My father and grandparents, aunts and uncle were immigrants from Italy. I remember as a child my father telling me that he was treated poorly as an immigrant because he was different and he wanted us to be very American.

I remember a time when my husband criticized me for choosing to eat differently even though he saw me bleeding in the hospital unable to eat and watched me eventually get out of the hospital and heal my body with the very food and lifestyle changes he rejected.  I understand now that he was simply fearful over the fact that I had changed so much.

I began to realize that I needed to ask myself, where am I being critical of others?  Please ask yourself the same.  What happens in the world around us is a reflection of what is happening inside of us. In order to change the world, we must change ourselves first.

We are all created from something unbelievably powerful and wonderful. We are all created from love. When we realize that we are all children of God, or source energy, or whatever your beliefs are, then we begin to view each other in a better way.  We begin to value each other more and open ourselves up to being curious to learn more about other people.  What makes your heart beat every day is truly a miracle that must be recognized and appreciated.  How boring life would be if we were all the same. Our differences make life interesting.

Today I feel that we cultivate a culture of negativity with so much violence and criticism on TV, the movies and social media.  This must change if we want to teach our children to value each other, value life, and begin to change the world.

It is human nature to focus on all that is wrong in our lives and in the world.  I believe we must begin to focus on all that is good.  So, instead of focusing on the few people who commit acts of hatred and violence, we must focus on all of those that do good things in the world

So I ask you, what If Love Ruled the World?  What would it be like?

Well, let’s see.  I understand that there are 7 billion people on earth.  If we were to take half of the people and assume that they did at least one act of kindness each today, that means 3.5 billion people smiled at someone today, they gave someone a compliment, a warm handshake, a hug and maybe even a kiss today.

With 7 billion people in the world, that means that 7 billion people will celebrate a birthday this year.  If we break that down, that means on average, there are 19 million birthdays being celebrated each day. What an amazing celebration of the day they came into this world from love as a newborn baby.  How amazing is that?

I did research that showed that there were 27,254,366 marriages in a given year.  I found a report that listed the number of marriages by country, from Albania to Zimbabwe.    That means on average, there are 74, 669 weddings being celebrated every day!  It just so happened that 26 of those took place at my farm, SanaView Farms, this year!

I read that there are about 130 million babies born each year around the world.  This equates to 356,000 babies born each day on average.   That is a lot of love happening each and every day.

If 130 million babies are born each year that means 260 million people made love at least once that year.  If we multiply that number by 10, as a conservative estimate of people in total who share in the intimate act of expressing love, and research also shows that couples on average make love about one per week, then that means 370 million people love each other intimately each and every day.  Wow, that is a lot of love.

So, I would say, that love does rule the world!

The fact that these episodes of violence upset us is beautiful, because it shows that we are actually filled with love.  The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference and we certainly do not feel indifferent about these situations because we do actually come from a place of love.

But please know, that what you give your attention to is what gets more power and energy.  Just like when I work with someone on a health challenge, we focus on health and wellness, not on the illness.

Use the power of love that we already have and that already rules the world and give that your attention.  The more we wrap this world in the love that is there, the more it will continue to grow and gain power over everything else and therefore, Love will Continue to Rule the World.

Please follow us and join us online, invite us to speak to your organization or join us at one of our off-site retreats where we will immerse you in the most innovative teachings on how to live a more successful life by visiting sanaview.com.  I share this because you know I love you.  Love, Janet.

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