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Welcome to the emPower³ Leadership and Lifestyle personal and corporate retreat program

You will discover proven strategies to improve productivity, motivation and boost your bottom line immediately based on science-backed research. 

Janet McKee, founder of SanaView, is a Certified High Performance Coach™, which is the highest form of high performance mentoring in the world. It is more proven and more tracked than any other coaching program.

High Performance™ means succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over time. High performance living is the ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self.

Ms. McKee is trained in the exact process that her instructor, who is a world leader in high performance and motivation, uses with his multimillion-dollar clients. We have the process for achieving high performance and we guarantee it. Janet’s life has changed dramatically after discovering this process and she is passionate about sharing it with others.

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This personal and corporate retreat is the only place that merges leadership, productivity, and wellness into one comprehensive program where you will go from stress to success in a unique way like you’ve never seen before. 

Imagine what your life will be like when you begin to wake up every morning feeling refreshed and excited to begin your day filled with passion, positivity, and purpose.

Imagine what it feels like to enjoy deep, lasting and fulfilling personal and professional relationships that bring joy to your heart and a bounce to each step.

Imagine ending each day with the thrill of knowing that your level of energy and clarity helped you tackle your to-do list with incredible stress-free success.

Imagine each day being able to keep your sights set on who you truly want to be.

Imagine looking back on your year with the feeling of pride because you have accomplished all of your goals with ease and grace, mastered your habits, and strengthened your relationships. It’s the feeling of living a full and successful life and being able to share that with your friends and family.

You are now excited about creating even greater goals for a greater life going forward. 

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Explore a few of the emPower³ retreat segments

Mindset Shift

Accelerate your path to success through research-based, proven strategies to turn challenges into opportunities

Gain Clarity and Courage

Combat today’s negativity with passion and purpose

The Purposeful Life

Uncover your deeper purpose to achieve success

Motivation Mastery

Master the art of elevating motivation and morale 

Advanced Techniques in Goal-Setting

Master the art of actually achieving your goals

Power Up

Increase performance through positivity and passion

Powered by You

Harness your energy to create your journey to better living

Stressless Success

Eliminate struggle in order to experience success

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Boost Your Bottom Line
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