Triumphant Life Podcast: Episode 9 – What On Earth Are You Doing?

Triumphant Life Podcast: Episode 9 – What On Earth Are You Doing?

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Are you viewing your daily tasks and your life’s work as mundane?  Are you overwhelmed with too much to do and you feel stressed? Are you limiting your thoughts to only the immediate endpoint that you are trying to accomplish, such as to just get a paycheck, or simply do what your boss or customers are asking for? Do you feel that everything you need to do is trivial and annoying?

Or, are you truly thinking about how you and other people may benefit from every small and large task that fills your day?  Could there be a greater reason for each and every task?

You’ve heard before to change your thinking and perspective to change your life, and in this video, I give you stories and examples to make this point crystal clear.

Everything you do has a purpose and meaning that is greater than what you are giving them credit for.  When you live with purpose, your life becomes richer, more fulfilling and more successful overall.

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The last session was so powerful.  Here is a sample of the emails I received after the call:

“I just wanted to thank you again and tell you how happy I was to be a part of your group coaching call this evening. While you walked me through a lot of this last year during my one-on-one with you, it really helped to have it refreshed and most of all I just love being around your vibrant and positive energy!”  Zenia

Thank you for including me in your group coaching session yesterday! I listened to the recording today. I loved it, and got a lot of value out of it. Jimmy

Please share this with anyone you feel could benefit from this message.  Thank you for joining me.  I share this because you know I love you.  Have a great week and we will see you next time on our Triumphant Life of Abundance podcast.

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