Personal and Group High Performance Coaching

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This is the highest form of High Performance mentoring in the world. It is more studied, more proven, and more tracked with a proven measurable outcome than any other program. I have the process for high performance and I guarantee it.

In this program I’m going to teach you how people who live the most successful lives think and their daily habits to master their mind and body, I am going to show you why you’ve been stuck, frustrated or exhausted and what to do about it immediately. I will teach you how to manage your time and focus to dramatically increase productivity and I’m going to teach you the secrets you must follow to have more influence and how to refine your purpose, get rid of distraction, and finally gain momentum in your life.

What makes the High Performance™ Program different?

High Performance™ Coaching is different from other coaching programs because it is a science-based program with a specific curriculum where the outcomes are clear. High Performance™ Coaching is a challenge based, forward-moving approach that separates it from other listen based, empathy-based coaching programs.

Personal High Performance Coaching Program

High performance means succeeding beyond standard norms consistently over time. High performance living is the ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy, and confidence that comes from consistently living from your best self.

I’m one of only 200 elite certified High Performance Coaches™ in the world, which is the highest form of high performance mentoring available. It is more proven, more tracked with a proven outcome. I’ve been personally trained in the exact process that our High Performance Institute instructor, who is a world leader in high performance and motivation, uses with his multimillion-dollar clients. I have the process for achieving high performance and I guarantee it. My life has changed dramatically after discovering this process and I am passionate about sharing it with others.

Everybody wants more overall success in their lives. People want more happiness, more vibrant health and energy, more money, more passion in their relationships, more meaning etc…

Well, in this program, I am going to teach you:
  • How the world’s most accomplished and influential people THINK
  • Why you’ve been so exhausted and what to do about it immediately
  • Why most people fail at managing their time or not following through
  • The #1 secret you must follow to have more influence with people
  • How to define your purpose, get rid of distraction and FINALLY gain momentum in your life
This is universal personal development that will help anyone improve his or her life.

When you are fully engaged in various aspects of your life, and you have heightened levels of clarity, energy, and courage, this leads to a more positive outcome and higher levels of joy and productivity.

When you become more energized in your daily life, everything becomes better. This process will help you achieve levels beyond where you are now because we focus on all of the proven key areas of your life including your psychology and physiology (mind and body) along with your productivity, presence, and purpose.

This is not just accountability coaching, this is about me challenging you in ways that will empower you to achieve real progress and growth. Accountability comes in organically as part of the process.

This is not just listen-based consulting. This is a challenge-based program where the outcomes are clear and measured as a result of the proven curriculum.

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When you sign up for the full program you also get…
  • Elite Personal High Performance Coaching Sessions valued at $9000
  • Free access to my Group Coaching valued at $350
  • Free premium membership to SanaView valued at $120
  • Free tickets to the live High Performance Academy Event valued at $2000
  • Free pdf of my book, “Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health” valued at $25
  • Free pdf of my co-authored book with Brian Tracy, “Ready Set Go” valued at $25

Group High Performance Online Coaching 

For those that don’t need such an in-depth program, Janet’s online group coaching is the perfect option. Each month, Janet goes live and discusses a High Performance topic.

This program is an inexpensive way to get your foot in the door with the Accelerated High Performance program or to brush up on things you have learned from Janet’s emPower³ retreats, seminars, or online courses.

This program is flexible – you can come and go as you’d like, using our online subscription service. At $29 a month with a FREE one month trial, you have nothing to lose!

Give it a try today by clicking the button below. Janet will send you an email with the time and date for the next scheduled online session.

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Read what recent clients had to say about my programs:

“Janet is a great teacher and coach. I was able to follow and keep with what I learned.”

“This was an awesome class and I feel I can do anything if I follow her teachings.”

“I loved Janet’s positive energy. Thank you!!”

“You are a very inspirational and motivating speaker and I plan to incorporate the ideas you’ve just taught.”

“I loved the interaction.  It was a very positive atmosphere.  I felt very moved after the program.”

‘Your examples, stories, and high level of vibration provided me with the motivation I need and the activities made perfect sense.”

“This program was very powerful.  It was a superb mix of taking the conceptual and presenting real-world examples.”

“I love how you distill many works from many authors and pick out the nuggets of wisdom to present.  The real-world examples you provided make it all seem much more attainable.”

“I suggest you make the program longer and charge more, because it is definitely worth it.”