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If you’ve been blocked from achieving certain things in your life or find that goal-setting has become exhausting and uninspiring, then this blog is for you. This fresh insight will change everything for you. Prepare to be enlightened!

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I finally discovered the missing piece that’s been blocking everyone from achieving certain goals. And I know how to fix the problem! It’s quite simple, but your awareness of this method and how you apply it is critical. You will see tangible results if you put this discovery to use.

Now, let’s get into it!

Energy is Everything

First, it is important to understand that science has proven that everything is energy and therefore, I’ve determined that energy is everything when it comes to understanding the truth behind achieving your goals and thus success.  I’ve introduced this to you before in all of my teachings, including my recent goal-setting article, “Stop Wasting Time Setting Goals Until You Do This: Change Your Energy to Change Your Life.” A key concept to know is that negative thoughts and feelings create restrictive energies while feelings of peace, joy, and fulfillment are highly expansive. The energy that is generated from your feelings affects your ability to achieve your goals.

People set goals to achieve something they don’t have yet. This makes perfect sense, but the real issue is that by setting goals, you are focusing on what is missing from your life. This can create uncomfortable feelings because you’re thinking about what you want but don’t have. There is inherently a negative feeling of lack behind the very act of setting goals.

You think about what you want in what appears to be a positive way (in your head), but if the lack of that thing makes you feel bad (in your heart), or achieving it seems too difficult or too far away, it affects your energy in a negative way.

The energy generated by feelings impacts the outcome of your life. The more you focus on what is missing, the energy that emanates from you becomes one of lacking or missing something and so you continue to create a situation where what you want continues to be missing from your life

It is your energy, not your mindset, that affects your life. It’s not your head, it’s your heart. You may think positive thoughts about pursuing a goal, but how you feel is what truly matters.

So, like almost everyone does, you set your goals and begin to strive and struggle from a place of negative low vibration feelings. Your goals seem so difficult or impossible that they begin to wear you down and make you feel even worse. How are you going to create success from a place of low vibration?

The answer is: You’re not. To shift this, you need to take your power back and overcome your current feelings of lack or scarcity.

Create From a Place of Success

Ask yourself this: What will it feel like once you achieve your goals? Imagine how amazing that would feel and bring those positive feelings into your current reality. Creation comes from uplifted inspiration and expanded energy of growth and possibility.

You know the old belief that once you have a new job, more money, better health, a better love life, and a new car or house, then you’ll be happy. This is all wrong because this belief gives your power away to something external to create your happiness. These negative feelings block everything good from happening for you.

Instead of focusing on what is missing in your life and trying to set your goals from this bad-feeling place, raise yourself up inside first and then create goals from that elevated version of you. God, your creator, or the source of all things (whatever you believe) doesn’t create from low energies. Creation is done from very high frequencies of elevated and expanded feelings. That is exactly what you need to do as well with your goal-setting strategy

Prayer and meditation are extremely powerful tools that help you quiet your mind and give you a sense of peace. From this place, open your heart and begin to love yourself and love your life. Feel the energy of gratitude flow from you. These very high vibration/energy feelings are the keys to your kingdom. Go from restricted to expanded and allow solutions and opportunities to come to you.

Now, from these better feeling emotions, begin to set your goals. Let go of any limitations to what is possible and see what images of your future come to mind.

Don’t worry about how and when they will happen because this lowers the way you feel and blocks them from happening. Create from energy, not from effort. Yes, take action, but be sure to set goals and take action only from this uplifted place. Allow your energy to work miracles for you.
When you feel as if your future is today, you will no longer be living from a place of lack. The more whole and fulfilled you are, the more whole and fulfilled you will be. This is the entire concept of my best-selling book, “Stressless Success.

Start Small

Practice it on small things that don’t involve such intense emotion. Once you get momentum and see how it works, you will have more confidence to try it on things that are even more important. 

Rise above your current situation or reality and align your energy (or the way you feel) to how your goals will feel as they are achieved. Feel those positive feelings right now!

Have the courage to let go of what is missing and go beyond where you are now. Uplift your spirits to create the life that you want and never give up 
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