You can spend countless hours writing and repeating your goals, but I’m here to tell you that you won’t experience positive change — which you deserve — until you change your energy.

Tap into Expansive Energy

So, what do I mean when I say “energy”? I’m talking about the energy that emanates from you based on your feelings. You can think about achieving certain goals all you want, but if you’re not feeling the expansive energy of positive expectation, those goals won’t come to fruition. Or, achieving them will be very difficult, leading to a result that wasn’t quite what you envisioned for yourself. From an energy- or feeling-based perspective, what you give off is what you get back. 

You are a magnet to the feelings (not the thoughts) that you create within you. What happens around you is a reflection of what is happening within you. You can create a better life by improving the way you feel… and it’s important to do this before you start setting goals. 

If your goal is to overcome a perceived limitation, consider this: possibilities feel better than problems. Start by determining which side of the coin you fall on. Are you feeling stressed about problems or excited by possibilities? What you focus on gets the power and will begin to expand. Don’t give power to the things you don’t want to nourish.

Ask yourself this: What do you want to create for your life? What do you wish for?

Stop Living Inside the Perceived Gap

Like most people, you probably believe your dreams are somewhere out there in the distant future — a football field’s length away with you on the starting line. You think that to bridge the gap, you must exhaust yourself, working long, hard hours every day. You begin to strive and struggle, making a plan to reach your goals because only then will you be happy. But all that stress and struggle actually blocks you from achieving your goals. 

Stop creating your life around this perceived gap. If your energy reflects those feelings of distance, unreachability, and lack, then you’ll stay in the gap you created in your mind. 

I tell people to stop wasting time with goal-setting because the process of identifying and writing down your goals puts all the focus on the things you don’t have. In that moment, you’re giving out the energy or feeling of being far away from the finish line. Or worse, you start to worry about how and when you’re going to reach that goal, and worry is the opposite energy of worthy. 

When you worry, you are visualizing the very thing that you DON’T want to happen, which increases the possibility that it will. For more on this, be sure to see my last post titled, “Don’t Waste Another Moment of Your Life in Worry, Stress, or Fear.”

The achievement of your goals exists on an elevated plane of positive energy. All you need to do is get yourself to a higher vibration energy, and your goal will be drawn toward you. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t take action, but I am saying that you must take intentional action from an energy that matches the goal. 

Success Will Come with Ease

Take a moment to first quiet your mind and release all tension, and then imagine how you would feel if your goal was already achieved. Feel it now. From this more elevated state of being, you will begin to create coincidences in your life. Allow things to happen. I know everyone teaches about the virtues of positive-thinking, and yes, this works when it is easy to do so. But if you’re forcing positive thoughts while still feeling the energy of lack when you think of something you want, then it doesn’t matter how many conjured “positive” thoughts you attempt, you still won’t see the results that you wish for. 

It’s not your brain; it’s your being.

Think about your higher self or your soul. I know you’ve felt it — that part of you that feels greater and wiser, and that exists in an eternal state of peace, love, and joy. Intentionally connect to this part of you and feel your energy elevate and expand. 

Elevate and Expand Your Energy

Think to yourself: 

  • How will it feel when you are living the life that you imagine?
  • Who will you be then?
  • What does success feel like? 
  • Believe in that success, and feel it.
  • Be who you want to be now, and you will be a magnet, drawing to you what you truly are—a worthy and wonderful being.
  • Have fun while you’re doing all of this! 

Shift Your Energy with Janet McKee

Shifting your energy is much easier than striving, struggling, and working harder.

Let go of a specific outcome, because you have no idea what you can truly create from the power of your energy. Trust me, it’s better than what your mind can even imagine. Contact me today to talk more about changing your energy to change your life.