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Newly Released to the Public, this Masterpiece Membership Will Get You Immediate Results. Be one of the first to experience SanaView Success through our Exclusive Masterpiece Mastermind and Monthly Masterclass.

Masterpiece Masterclass Membership

Join our like-minded group of dynamic high achievers as you strategize live online with Success Expert and High Performance Consultant, Janet McKee. Tap into the power of group energy as you share, uplift, and inspire each other towards true success.

  • Get exclusive access to Janet through monthly live online video calls
  • Cover a new Accelerated High Performance Program topic each session
  • Openly discuss achievements, lessons learned, and challenges with a brilliant group of peers
  • Access unlimited replays of every session 
  • Members-Only Open Forum to answer questions
  • Flexible, No-Commitment Monthly $39 membership

Be one of the first to experience SanaView Success through our Exclusive Masterpiece Mastermind and Monthly Masterclass.

This incredibly effective and powerful program includes our live online group Monthly Masterclass and our ongoing Mastermind Series of Meetings and Retreats. These programs gather like-minded high-achievers together who are ready to take every area of their lives to the next level.


This is Energetic Mastery for Masterful Leadership


This is an exciting and exclusive membership network where we will share the proven SanaView Success Methodology, rich with fresh discoveries to live a more elevated and expanded life. True success and fulfillment are yours through a variety of transformational group experiences. You will learn the missing pieces that all prior teachings from other masters have failed to discover and share.

Goal: To reach heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, influence, and joy as you pursue a truly fulfilling life that unleashes your full potential.

We take 20+ years of research of the world’s most accomplished people and combine these with our even more effective energetic discoveries to create the only program that guarantees almost immediate and what sometimes appears, as almost miraculous results.


Finally, the Keys to Your Kingdom which are Certain to Open Your Doors to Endless Possibilities


Gather with like-minded high-achievers who are all looking to improve their lives. Network with leaders from all industries seeking greater passion, positivity, and prosperity by uncovering their deeper inner purpose to create far more effective ways to share their gifts with the world.

Through our transformational experiences, we bring you all together in an open environment to spark discussions where everyone can learn from the others challenges and breakthroughs.

This will certainly blow your mind when you experience the uplifting and inspiring power of group energy and interaction.

People want more out of life and we want those people who want more out of life. Your ultimate power lies within you.


It is time to unleash your untapped power by utilizing the newest breakthrough in success and high performance. When you unleash your ultimate inner power, you immediately create success.

The SanaView Experience elevates your way of being which is the secret to creating a successful life. The new definition of success is when you use your own inner power to create and experience a far more fulfilling life overall. This is a new way of living and working; a new way of being, that creates success from inspiration not perspiration.


It’s Not Your Effort, it’s Your Energy.

This is an Empowered Energetic Pathway to Success.

When we first met, I was frustrated and unhappy. I wanted help to change that. I wanted an approach, a program that would have lasting results. I have gotten that and more. I find our sessions and your coaching to be energizing and exciting. With your help, I have begun to see my true self and to know how to tap into who I am. Call it vibrating at a higher level or pure positivity; it’s powerful. I can’t wait to find out what’s next.

Jeff H.

High Ranking Military Official

Janet, You are an amazing coach!  You get right to the heart of what is most important and then build clear steps to transforming one’s life so that a person’s goals are accomplished.  This work is the real deal and works.  Thank you for caring enough to want to help so many people!

Alice H.

Harvard Ph.D

Interview with Jeff H. – Private Coaching Client