#1 Best-Selling, Quilly Award winning author, Janet McKee, combines her extensive knowledge and personal experience to craft life-changing books and articles that benefit the lives of all readers.

Stress Less, Succeed More

Take everything you have been taught about peak performance and set it aside. You’re making it harder than it has to be.

Stressless Success

The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity

You probably believe that you must endure more stress and struggle to achieve success, but what you were taught in the past has created the blocks that are holding you back.

Ever notice that when you’re at your best, you’re in the flow and things feel effortless? You’re not struggling to think positive and work harder. You’re clear, confident and creative.

Janet McKee calls that state of being “stressless success” and she shows you how to flip your own internal switch anytime, anywhere to unleash your own personal power and productivity.

As a Fortune 500 corporate executive who almost died from massive burnout and then rose from the ashes, Janet McKee is dedicating her life to help others succeed without stress.

Stressless Success will leave you with the incredible ability to elevate your thoughts, emotions, and energy in a way that allows your life to flow with ease instead of stress. The time is now to discover the surprising secret that will change and improve your life forever. 

Real Life Breakthroughs

Thank you again for sharing with us today at General Carbide. I feel as though you peeled another layer back of who I am. My saying that has served me well throughout the years is a Japanese saying that goes like this, “Shuppai wa seiko no moto”. It is a Japanese proverb that when translated says, “the origin of every success is failure.” Today was the first time that anyone questioned me about that proverb. It was always truth to me until today. It hit me so hard (and surprised me in a good way) when you questioned me why I need to fail to succeed? For sure, this is coming from a negative place. I expect hardship but I need not expect hardship going forward. I expected failure but need not to expect failure anymore. Breakthrough! Your discussion of visualizing and staying in a place of positive feelings really takes all of that to a new level. It is very liberating. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and helping others. You are certainly helping me and I am grateful for that.
Michael M.

General Carbide Corporation