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As Keynote and Corporate Speaker, Janet is a visionary leader in high-performance and success. Janet’s fresh discoveries have elevated her teachings way beyond standard principles to empower her audiences to create lasting success. Janet possesses the rare ability to captivate audiences through real-life stories that uplift and inspire people with true solutions that last.

Keynote Speaker

Well respected amongst her peers, Janet is an experienced large-audience speaker known for her combination of genuine passion and research-based education.

Corporate Workshops

Janet has the unmatched ability to connect with your team, creating a more focused learning environment designed to immediately increase your bottom line.

Real Life Breakthroughs

Thank you again for sharing with us today at General Carbide. I feel as though you peeled another layer back of who I am. My saying that has served me well throughout the years is a Japanese saying that goes like this, “Shuppai wa seiko no moto”. It is a Japanese proverb that when translated says, “the origin of every success is failure.” Today was the first time that anyone questioned me about that proverb. It was always truth to me until today. It hit me so hard (and surprised me in a good way) when you questioned me why I need to fail to succeed? For sure, this is coming from a negative place. I expect hardship but I need not expect hardship going forward. I expected failure but need not to expect failure anymore. Breakthrough! Your discussion of visualizing and staying in a place of positive feelings really takes all of that to a new level. It is very liberating. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and helping others. You are certainly helping me and I am grateful for that.
Michael M.

General Carbide Corporation

Why do you need Janet?

To Banish Burnout and Boost Your Bottom Line


  1. 61% of employees are burned out.
  2. As stress increases, missed work days cost organizations $3.5 billion each year.
  3. Healthcare costs continue to rise, and are estimated to increase 5.5% over the next decade.
  4. Loss of employee productivity costs 2-3x more than any direct healthcare expense.

Source: Harvard Research, University of Louisville, Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine


1. Learn how to Elevate and Engage Individuals to Elevate Your Organization

2. Increase Company Performance through Passion, Purpose, and Productivity

3. Adopt a Leading Edge Approach to Dissolve Burnout, Corporate Anxiety, and Turnover

4. Attract and Retain Passionate Employees

5. Maximize Efficiency by Creating Teams that Succeed in Any Environment


Speaking Topics

Experience Stressless Success and Fulfillment with the Acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program

Join Janet as you take a deep dive into unleashing your personal inner power to increase your passion, and positivity to drive your personal and professional success. This twelve-module program inspires and empowers all attendees which is certain to boost your bottom line. Hire Janet to lead your group through all twelve modules or choose one for a stand-alone talk or workshop.

Foundational Curriculum:

  • Gain personal commitment for reaching the next level in all areas.
  • Uncover the current levels of focus, mindset, agency, habits and overall energy.
  • Gain immediate behavioral-driven clarity and intentionality.
  • Gain immediate improvements in energy and vitality and stamina.
  • Gain confidence, decisiveness, and momentum through awareness of limiting beliefs, patterns and fears and gaining freedom from fear.
  • Become more effective and productive every day to achieve incredible results.
  • Become more influential in both the professional and personal life.
  • Develop a free, consciously directed, positively engaged mind to consistently raise your vibration to create greater success and fulfillment.
  • Develop physiology mastery and even greater levels of energy.
  • Generate true productivity through positively inspired action, eliminate distractions and low value activities.
  • Gain persuasion mastery and identify target areas of potential.
  • Define your purpose and begin to live with purpose to elevate motivation in all areas.


Customizable Keynote Topics:

True Transformation that is Effective and Enduring

These fresh discoveries on how to unleash your inner power to create outcomes that you desire go beyond anything that you have learned before and are certain to transform your organization and your life. Why have you all heard so much about the power of mindset but are still struggling? The missing key to the kingdom is about to be unveiled in the most exciting and liberating way as you finally discover the truth.

The Stressless Success Shift™ – Stress Less, Succeed More through Elevated Energy to Increase Productivity and Performance for Ultimate Results

Take everything you have been taught about peak performance and success and set that all aside. You’re making it harder than it has to be. You probably believe that you must endure more stress and struggle to achieve success, but what you were taught in the past has created the blocks that are holding you back.

Ever notice that when you’re at your best, you’re in the flow and things feel effortless? You’re not struggling and striving, you’re clear, confident, and creative. Janet McKee calls this state of being “stressless success” and she shows you how to flip your own internal switch anytime, anywhere to turn challenges into opportunities and unleash your own personal power and productivity.

Less stress is the secret to more success. The key is to learn how and the true answer is not what you think. Experience Janet’s proven proprietary method to finally break through and experience the Stressless Success Shift™.

Much More than Mindset – Learn How to Combat Today’s Pervasive Negativity and Fear with Passion and Positive Action to achieve Peak Performance

Positive mindset is a good foundation but it is shocking to learn that it is not the full answer. Too many people present the virtues of positive thinking but the problem is that this is too difficult when times are challenging.  Janet McKee has discovered the surprising truth that positive thinking does not always work and may actually sometimes be harmful. The secret is to Get Out of Your Head and Into Your Energy where Your True Power Resides to create Positive Energy and Prosperity.

The Art of Achieving – Discover the Missing Key to Achieve Your Goals and More

This is not the same old hum-drum goal-setting workshop. Learn the newest breakthroughs in goal setting that highlight why goal setting strategies may not have worked in the past and uncover the missing ingredient to finally achieve your goals and more. 

To do this, you must uncover the deepest reason why you want these goals, bite into your beliefs about your ability to achieve your goals, gain freedom from fear, and create an expansive energy that allows them all to happen with ease instead of stress. Even the sky is not your limit when you discover the final keys to your kingdom.

Power Up – Harness Your Energy to Create Your Journey to Success and True Fulfillment.

The world’s most accomplished people know that feeling energized and having clear thinking increases their clarity and confidence and is the foundation for true success. How can you deal with daily stresses and challenges if you are burned out, overwhelmed, exhausted, hyped up on bad foods that don’t truly nourish your energy at all levels? Well, you can’t.

You may think that you don’t have time to get rest, eat healthy or exercise, and you’re probably right. But the key to productivity and peak performance that leads to a successful life both personally and professionally is feeling great. Learn Janet’s secret to doing and having it all in half the time.

It’s time to finally Banish Burnout through a clear and common sense yet powerful strategy to 10X Your Energy, Confidence, Motivation and Joy with Zero Stress.

Empowerment and Engagement – Gain Insights into Proven Ways to Increase Self and Employee Motivation and Productivity to Boost Your Bottom Line.

Leadership and self-empowerment skills must advance into new realms to address the needs of today’s ever-changing and expansive world. Know that as fear increases, motivation decreases which impacts productivity. It is the loss of productivity that has the biggest impact on any organization’s and everyone’s personal bottom line.

Empower Yourself and Your Team with the newest techniques of Influence and Positive Persuasion and begin to Celebrate Success at all levels.

Learn from over 20 years of research of the world’s most accomplished people about their unique skills of Influence and positive persuasion. All accomplished people are highly influential, and this skill is something that everyone at every level can learn and acquire. What makes someone so influential and what are tricks to persuasion that enable them to lead their team with positivity and passion? The answers are easier than you think.

The Purposeful Life – Gain Clarity and Courage to Leverage Your Deeper Purpose

Some believe that they know their life’s purpose and many are simply lost, confused, and lack a passion for life. This all comes from never digging down with positive intent and elevated energy to see what is truly at your core. Gain access to Janet’s proven methodology to excavate your desires to uncover a deeper and true purpose that will enrich your life and the lives of everyone you touch. Once you do this, your life will never be the same. Create a clearer vision and leverage your true hidden purpose to experience more meaning and begin to live what Janet calls a truly rich life.

*Janet’s speaking programs may include any of the above topics, and also may be tailored specifically to your audience’s needs.

Speaking Fees

Each presentation is tailored to the needs of your audience, so please connect with Janet to build your personalized package by completing the contact form below.

Janet is a dynamic speaker. She helped me realize my hidden capabilities and tap into my joy, and made real success attainable.

Sherina T.

Software Company Owner

After attending Janet’s Corporate Workshop, I feel rejuvenated in my business and life and I feel ready to set the world on fire.

Angela B.

Restauarant Chain Owner

I just had three days of the most amazing experience I think I have ever had in my life. It’s been life-changing.

Howard L.


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