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Do you think that goal setting is a bunch of baloney?

Have you tried setting goals in the past but found that it never works to help you improve areas of your life?

Of course you feel this way because you never learned what I am about to teach you, which are the new breakthroughs in goal setting and achievement that I’ve discovered. Finally, I have a proven plan for you to follow that actually works. I did all of the legwork in going out and researching various concepts in goal setting and success, tried them, added my own incredible insights to make the teaching more powerful and effective and Wham! Here I am now sharing this with you to help you improve your life.

Are you ready to improve ALL areas of your life?

Do you want to reach certain goals over the next several months that will bring you more happiness, better health, more money, more love or whatever it is that you desire?

People who are committed to improve their lives will search for the information and work to gain the knowledge and skills they need to upgrade their lives. Are you ready to do this?

You’ve all heard this before but we need to start with the first very important point and that is, you must write down your goals. By writing your goals, this helps you to gain clarity and encourages your brain to start thinking about ways to make these happen. Studies have shown that writing down your goals is one of the keys to achieving them.   They’ve shown that successful goal-oriented people who write down their goals have an 80% chance of achieving them, versus the standard population where only 2% reach their goals.

So, what do you long for? What would you love if there were no limitations? According to Mary Morrisey, author and creator of DreamBuilder, when you ask yourself questions like this, it expands your thinking and your energy in a very profound way, to begin the process of defining and achieving your dreams. Personally, I love the way this makes me feel when I ask myself these questions.

Consider creating goals that cover all areas of your life including:

Health and wellbeing – both physical and emotional



Career – including motivation, excitement and productivity


Or any area that you feel is important to you.

In my work as a High Performance Success Coach, it has been found that the people who live the most successful lives work on all areas of their life. They strive to have success in both their professional and personal lives and they do what they need to do to insure greater levels in all areas.

Brian Tracy, who is a long-standing success expert and multi-bestselling author with which I recently had the pleasure of being a contributing expert author in our latest combined best-selling book, “Ready Set Go”, suggests that you write at least 10 goals.  And, these goals should be written in the present tense as if they are already achieved.

By stating your goals in the NOW, it triggers things in your mind and body that better prepare you for having those actually be your current reality. You don’t want to project your goal achievement into the future by stating “you want” or “you wish” or “someday will have” because then you will always be looking into the future to achieve those goals. Do you always want to lose weight or would you rather be thin? If you say, “want”, you will achieve the goal or end-state of always wanting.

Consider starting each goal with the term, I am. By stating each goal in this manner, it puts you in a place of peace, which is one the highest vibration places to be. In one of my Triumphant Life of Abundance online course videos, I explain how raising your vibration and dialing into more positive frequencies, you will attract things into your life that resonate more at those higher levels. It just so happens that vibrating at the energy of peace is one of the highest vibration energies that you can experience.

For example, instead of saying, “I want to quit smoking” you would write, “ I am a non-smoker.” Instead of writing, “I want to lose weight”, consider instead something like, “I am thin.” Do not use the word want or any word that represents current lack in hopes of future gain. If you do not feel comfortable stating, “I am”, then choose options such as “I allow” or “I accept” or “I have.” Feeling somewhat comfortable with what you are stating is critical, even though the goals will push you forward in life. Choose words that create a feeling of pride, abundance, accomplishment, peace and joy.

Determine too, a clear deadline for you achieving the goal and hold yourself accountable. According to John Assaraf, urgency and deadlines create a situation where you must get done what you set out to do, like packing for a vacation. You must have those bags packed and you and your bags to the airport on time to go on your trip. Without that deadline, it just may never get done. For example, “I am a non-smoker starting today and every day throughout 2018.” “I earn $ X by December 31, 2018.

Also, do not put the how in the actual goal statement. By defining how you will achieve your goal upfront may block other solutions from coming to you. Open yourself up to the unexpected by not defining the how in the goal. We will discuss listing out action steps on a separate page further on in this article. Taking action is still obviously a key ingredient in reaching our goals and achieving success.

The goal you are stating should feel real or somewhat possible to attain. For example, if I had a goal of being an NFL quarterback, that would not feel natural or real to me. I do have a goal of achieving $1million in revenue to my business in 2018 because my son and business partner and I have a plan to doing so. Is it going to be a stretch and take a ton of work? Yes. But we have a realistic plan to go after our stretch goal and we plan to attain it no matter what. Positivity and commitment, of course, is key.

From one of my teachings in the Triumphant Life of Abundance online course, I like to take my students through an exercise of thinking about and writing down why you want to achieve each goal. Keep peeling back the layers and boil your whys all the way down until you get to the feeling place. For example, if you have the goal of envisioning a new house for your family, you may find that actually you are after the feeling of comfort and security.

The reason why I want you to get to the feeling place is that I then want you to practice visualization as if the goal is already achieved and get the feeling as if you have. What does that feel like? By getting the exhilarating feeling as your goal is already achieved, it again, raises your vibration and attracts what you want into your life more easily. For example, you will not attract a new lover if you are vibrating at a low frequency of anger, fear and guilt. Or, you will attract the wrong kind of lover.

Now that you have your list of goals so creatively and expertly defined, Brian Tracy suggests that you read those to yourself twice every single day. I would like to add that you read them out loud to yourself because when you hear yourself saying the words, it has an even greater impact on your brain pathways. Keep the list somewhere handy so that when you remember to review them, they are on hand easily.

The next key step in all of this is to take your most important goals, and on another sheet of paper, write 20 action steps towards how you can reach that goal. This is a directive from Brian Tracy. You must plan to take action each and every day toward those goals if you truly want to achieve them.  I like to recommend further, that you get quiet first, take a few deep breaths to clear you mind, and let the action steps flow onto the paper as if they are coming from your inner guidance or somewhere greater than your physical body. Allow each step to generate ideas on the next and the next. Then take a few of those action steps and put them on your daily planner each day as high priority items that must get done. Again, deadlines really help here too.

So in summary:

Get ready.

Make a commitment to your success.

Write down at least 10 goals covering all areas of your life based on what you would love if there were no limitations.

Phrase them in the Now or presence tense as if they are already achieved.

Never use a negative word of lack, such as the word want.

Don’t put the how in the goal, but rather save those action steps for a separate list.

Begin each goal with a statement such as I am or I have or I allow.

Each goal should feel somewhat real or attainable, even though they push you to be your best.

Give each goal a deadline.

Write why you want each goal and get to the feeling place on each.

Read them twice per day.

On a second page write 20 action steps for your biggest, most important goals.

Take action every day on a few high priority items.

Now you have everything that you need to create the most powerful goals for your life and a plan to actually realize your most important dreams.

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