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My heart overflowed with joy and gratitude over all of the amazing people who came to see us at our SanaView Farms booth and came to my talks at the Mother Earth News Fair at Seven Springs Mountain Resort this past weekend. Of all of the speaking engagements I do throughout the year, this is by far my favorite. The people who attend this fair are all so warm and friendly and down-to-earth, no pun intended. It makes all the hard work of being a speaker, author, success coach, and farmer all worthwhile!

First, I’m sharing with you my very special “secret” recipe for our famous Nonna’s Organic Heirloom Tomato Sauce. This is a fresh-tasting sauce that was made with love from the very recipe I learned from my Nonna from Italy! 

I’m also sharing two other fall recipes from my Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health Cookbook. First is my Fresh Kale Salad and my awesome and healthy Fresh Raw Apple Pie. It’s always amazing how people who don’t even like kale love my salad!  Plus, how can you go wrong from decadent desserts that actually support your health. All of these recipes and hundreds more are in my Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health that was showcased at the fair.

If these mouth-watering recipes aren’t enough to encourage you to live a healthier and happier life, then please consider growing sprouts! Sprouts are the most nutritious organic produce you can possibly eat and you can grow them all year right on your kitchen countertop.