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Your body is the same and in order to live a successful triumphant life, you need to have a plan to create a foundation for good energy and keep re-energizing yourself throughout the day.  In this article and video, I will share with you my secrets for having high energy and how to re-energize throughout the day.

To begin with, you need to build a strong foundation.  Just like a home, you start with a strong foundation before building the upper floors. In order to create a foundation of sustainable energy, you first need to sleep well.   I like to recommend 7 – 9 hours with a push to the upper end of that timeframe.

Studies have shown that if you do not get adequate sleep, it is similar to being drunk the next day in terms of your ability to focus and concentrate as well as the degradation of your motor skills.  Therefore, you can’t truly be productive without being rested.

One study that was conducted, called the Ericsson Study, looked at people who were true masters of their trade.  They found that on average, they sleep about 8 hours and 36 minutes. Now, you would never drive a high performance vehicle drunk and I know you want to be a master of your skill or trade, so please get rest.

The next important point to build a solid foundation is being hydrated.  Please start your day with a liter of water and try to consume a total of 3 liters per day mostly between meals.  Every cell of your body is at least 70% water, including your brain. So, your organs and your brain cannot function properly without being well hydrated.  It’s impossible to be energized otherwise and I suggest using fresh water to re-energize throughout the day instead of always reaching for caffeine that gives you a weak foundation like that of wooden stilts instead of the strength and stamina of concrete and block.

Choosing the highest quality naturally grown foods, mostly plant foods, is also key to experiencing good energy. When you eat a diet rich with fresh fruits and vegetables, you actually feel energized as opposed to a heavy high-fat meal that takes so much energy just for your body to digest the food, that it slows you down.  To learn more about what to eat, peruse my recipe book, titled, “Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health” and our web site at www.sanaview.com for hundreds of delicious ideas.

Try to avoid distractions or multi-tasking too, as this actually drains your energy and increases stress.  Keep those block times of work dedicated to the task at hand and you will feel more productive and energized as well.

Another key high-performance concept for being energized is to re-energize yourself often throughout the day.  Set the alarm on your phone for every 50 – 60 minutes and be sure to take a break to stretch, do some deep breathing, move your body and possibly even close your eyes for a while to rest them from constant computer screen access.  In high-performance coaching, we suggest bouncing in place while swinging your arms and breathing deeply.  I actually love to do a simple but powerful two-minute routine that completely tones and stretches my entire body.  It is a combination of yoga and push-ups that I created to overcome the posture issues that I seem to get from slumping over my computer all day.  This routine is so energizing that it has become addictive for me and I can’t want till its time to do it again at certain points throughout the day.  After doing this, I feel highly motivated and energized when I return to my computer to keep working.

Find ways to build a strong foundation for energy and have a strategy in place to re-energize yourself periodically throughout the day.  When you do this, you will begin to have clearer thinking and high energy and you will feel like a true high performer who is living a triumphant life.

Learn more about being an energized high-performer through my High Performance Personal Coaching Program.  Or, join my Live Online Monthly Coaching Group.   I will share a key topic and engage with you and answer your questions and challenge you with ways to incorporate that topic into your life so that you get results.  To be part of the group, you must sign up and if you can’t be there live, I will record each session for you to have access ongoing.

Please share this with anyone you feel could benefit from this message.  Thank you for joining me.  I share this because you know I love you.  Have a great week and we will see you next time on our Triumphant Life of Abundance podcast.

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