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Have you ever felt like everything in your life or in the world around you is out of control and this is impacting your life and your happiness?  Do you sometimes feel like others are trying to control you or you wish you could change someone else?  Well I’m here to tell you something that you probably already know. You can’t control what others say or do.

You do, however, have complete control over how you choose to think or react to what is going on around you, which is very empowering. You actually have complete control and power over your own destiny and it all comes down to having control over your thoughts and attitudes.

What I am teaching you here is one of the most important concepts for improving your life.  I am passionate about helping others and have dedicated my life to helping people experience success in all areas of their life – with their health, career, relationships and wealth.

It is the challenges in my life that have taught me so much and have made me what I am today which is a healthy, happy, vibrant, successful woman.

What’s super crazy, though, is that I am happier than ever while dealing with one of the most challenging situations of my life.  As I write and speak about this to you this week, I am getting prepared to go to court to deal with my ex-husband who walked out on me and our son in an hour’s notice and who is potentially destroying all of the financial stability that I built over the past 30 years.

I’ve learned so much about the power of choosing positive thoughts to raise our vibration to create a better reality that I have found happiness in the midst of dreadful chaos in my own life. I actually have been singing and dancing around the house in bliss while my world around teeters on the edge of collapse.

Actually, it is because I can reach for positivity while facing a challenge that will insure a perfect outcome. If I were to approach my court case with fear and negativity, what kind of outcome would I experience? Going forward with positive intentions and expecting the best will help me have clarity and courage and create the best outcome possible. Managing our thoughts is the key to living a good life.

Where have you overcome challenges in your life that made you stronger and wiser? As I’ve said often, our challenges are gifts.

But what I’ve learned is that everything in life comes down to one thing and only one thing – our inner being.

People are living a nightmare when they blame others or situations which were out of their control. I’m not minimizing the fact that there are very serious things that have happened in people’s lives,

but the question is:

Do you want to live in misery the rest of your life?

Is that what your loved ones would want for you?  

Do you feel that being your best is something that if you can’t do it for yourself, it would benefit your friends and family and coworkers?

This is not about putting your head in the sand, it is about working on your thoughts to choose those that help you feel your best no matter what.

Most of what happens to you is a result of your thoughts, beliefs, patterns and fears. I teach all about each of these in the earlier videos in my triumphant life of abundance online course. If you haven’t yet taken this course, I highly encourage you to try a complimentary sampling of this course by visiting: http://bit.ly/2j2zYzs.

To improve your life, you must work on your thoughts, or your psychology, as we say in High Performance Coaching.

People waste a lot of energy trying to control others. What they think, say and do.  You are not in control of anyone or anything outside of yourself or if you are for a brief time, it is fleeting. Attempting to control others is not cool.   In the most extreme case, consider Hitler. Know that trying to control others may often lead to disaster. And when someone is trying to control you, it is his or her own insecurities that create the situation. You can’t control others but you can control your reaction to their actions and this is pure empowerment.

Nobody can make you feel negative emotion. That is something you choose. Often if someone is trying to upset you, it is because of a problem they have within themselves.

There is nothing wrong with trying to change a situation that you are uncomfortable with, as this is wise and shows you are taking control of your own life. But how can you make those changes in a more positive way? How can you improve your situation without trying to change others?

Freedom is when we stop blaming others – when we move the attention away from the other and turn our attention to ourselves. Ask yourself, what does this person or situation trigger in me? This will give you clues as to the thoughts you are choosing about a situation, and you can begin to change those thoughts.

Is it possible that if you or someone is angry, it is an issue within the person who is expressing anger? As I’ve learned from my High Performance mentor, Brendon Burchard, anger is simply worry and hurt. So, when someone is angry, if you know they are simply worried or hurt about something, you can view them with more compassion.

Tell yourself, “I am in control of my emotions, my thoughts and my life. I will not let someone else upset me. I am at peace no matter what is happening around me.”

Being a good role model and having a positive influence on others is a far better way to live. Think about who was the most influential person in your life?  Why were they so influential? Usually they’ve gained respect, we believe them and they are positive role models. They teach us how to think. Or they challenge us to be our best. Maybe instead of trying to change or control someone, you chose to offer more positive influence

Kind of like what I am doing here right now with you.

When you become a better person – you gain more influence.

You can become more persuasive when you first acknowledge the other person; you understand their situation and even value their opinion. Three key words to use often are Understand, Respect and Value. Learn to use these words explicitly when communicating with other people.  Try to encourage and inspire them with how the new beliefs or actions could improve their lives at many levels.  Also, use enthusiasm and emotion in your communication.

Your life will improve and advance immediately when you being to consider what I have taught you here. Remember that everything comes down to the thoughts and attitudes that you are choosing. Choose wisely, starting now, and begin to live a more fabulous life. You deserve it.

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