Why do you struggle to achieve what you want in your life? 

Maybe it’s because you believe that you must struggle to achieve success or that worrying protects you and puts you in control of the situation.

While you may believe they are necessary, worry and struggle are such negative, low-vibe energies that they actually block your dreams from happening and restrict your success. If you continue to chase after what you want with this restrictive energy, what you seek will run in the opposite direction. 

Perhaps you do get somewhere that appears to be successful by striving and struggling, but more often than not, you are burned out, exhausted, and left wondering what the appeal was in the first place. 

Trust me, I know this first hand. Even though I literally wrote the book on stressless success, I am still a student of my own teachings. And now, I get to share those teachings with you. 

Let Go to Receive What You Need

I have a story to share about creating resistance through struggle. Recently, a key employee at the 52-acre farm I own, SanaView Farms, found out that she had to move out of state to help care for her aging parents amid our busiest time of year. Right away, I had to not only fill in but take on the task of finding a new team member, a process I believed was going to be very challenging — it takes a unique person to fill this role!

The limiting belief I had and the struggle that I began to experience during the application and interview process gave me poor results. Nobody that applied truly met our need for a high-energy, positive person. Is it any wonder since I was not feeling high positive energy myself? Finally, after a month of searching, I let it go. I convinced myself that we were doing just fine with the team we have, so I allowed myself to release the struggle.

Within 24 hours of letting go, the perfect person showed up at the farm and handed in an application without even knowing we were looking to fill a position! This person, who fits every aspect of what we could ever hope for in a person to fill this crucial role, arrived by what appeared to be some miracle. It was almost effortless — but was it a miracle, or was it me

Take Action From a Place of JOY

Your life will only improve when you change your energy — or the way you feel — for the better. When you create from a place of joy instead of struggle, greater things will flow to you with ease. This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t take action, but that when you do take action, make sure it’s from a place of positive creativity or positive anticipation. When you do, things that often appear to be coincidences happen for you. But they aren’t coincidences, or miracles, or even happy little accidents as Bob Ross would say — they are what you manifested for yourself when you allowed yourself to let go of your worries and stresses. 

If something in your life isn’t working or doesn’t bring you joy, let go of the struggle. Instead of trying so hard and fixating on the perceived problems, do this instead: 

  1. Relax and lean into the better-feeling energy.
  2. Learn to trust, have more faith, and believe in yourself. 
  3. Focus on the possibilities available to you.
  4. Take inspired action. 
  5. Allow things to begin to happen, and don’t resist them.

Don’t wait one more day to begin to change your inner energy — the changes you make today will impact your tomorrow in the most profound ways. At your core, you are truly made of expanded and elevated feelings and energy. When you learn to let go of the struggle and connect with this real part of you, success will find you with ease and create the lasting fulfillment you deserve in your life. 

Know that within you, you have what it takes to make this happen. But also know that you don’t have to travel this journey alone. I’m here to inspire you, challenge you, and enlighten you so that you can achieve your goals without stress and struggle. Set up a free one-on-one strategy session with me to get started!