24 One Hour All Inclusive Total Health Webinars

Welcome to the Webinar Web Series! 


Below is a 24 video series all about health and wellness. Start at the top and work your way down for the complete experience.

Excuse the poor video quality as these were recorded live from a webcam.

Episode 1 – Holistic Concepts for Healthy Living

This introductory episode will get you started with everything you need to know to begin your journey of living a healthier life.

Episode 2 – Eating Fresh from Farm to Table

Eating Fresh from Farm to Table is a workshop that reviews the benefits of eating local and how this impacts our physical health as well as the health of the local economy and the environment.  We will discuss ways to eat local all year round and what this means to us from a nutritional standpoint.

Episode 3 – Supporting a Strong and Balanced Immune System

As we enter into the winter months, it is a good time to look at change.  With the winter approaching, it is very important to review ways to support our immune system to protect our loved ones and ourselves and to stay healthy and happy through the season.

Episode 4 – Learn Ways to Manage Change in Our Lives

It is a wonderful time to learn ways to manage change in our lives. Learning simple and effective ways to deal with change, which is inevitable in life, helps us to stay calm and reduce the negative effects of stress on our mind and body.

Episode 5 – Tips for a Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving

Stress Less Through the Holidays and Tips for a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving – There is no reason to go through the holidays stressed, tired, unhealthy and unhappy.

Episode 6 – Healthy Recipes for a Happy Thanksgiving

Learn ways to make this the best holiday season ever, including wonderful recipes and ideas to make sure the holidays are delicious too.

Episode 7 – Mindfullness Practices for a Happy Holiday Season and Beyond

Mindfulness Practices is a workshop that teaches not only mindful eating (important for the holidays) but also how to be mindful in all daily activities. When one learns to be more mindful, everything goes more smoothly and life is more enjoyable because we are better able to reduce stress, avoid eating habits that sabotage our weight and our health and helps us to be more present to appreciate every moment.

Episode 8 – Healthy Holiday Desserts

A guide to healthy desserts is always a fun topic for everyone to enjoy during the holidays. Learn how to make some delicious treats that are good for you, your friends and your family!

Episode 9 – Bring Positive Inspiration Into Your Life

Start the new year off right will a discussion on improving your ability to manage stress and to learn how to bring positive inspiration into your daily life and ultimately reduce the negative affects of stress on your body.

Episode 10 – Improve Your Energy Levels and Balance Weight Naturally

The month’s workshops will also include a discussion on cleaner eating to improve your energy levels, fresh juicing to detoxify your body and abundant eating that will help balance your weight naturally.

Episode 11 – Health Benefits of Chocolate

Food and Mood Connection will include fun and uplifting discussions on the health benefits of chocolate and healthy desserts that help nourish instead of deplete your immune system.

Episode 12 – Improving Relationships in Your Life

Useful strategies to improve the various relationships in your life is a perfect topic for February – the month we celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Episode 13 – Bring Balance into Your Life

Fresh ideas for Springtime Rejuvenation and learning how to Balance our Lives including tips for getting exercise and toning your body, improve sleep habits and concepts of Energy Medicine.

Episode 14 – Rejuvenating Foods

The food focus will be; how to bring more greens into your diet in a way that is so delicious, the whole family will love them. Getting back to the rhythm of nature is key to health and vitality.

Episode 15 – How Foods Fight Disease

The Power of Food to Heal will begin a four-part session for months 4 and 5 to address the medical research behind preventing and reversing heart disease, type II diabetes, cancer and more.

Episode 16 – Wonderful High Fiber Low Fat Foods

Commissioned by the Physician’s Committee for Responsible medicine, this four-part series will teach easy and practical solutions to fight illness in ways that are satisfying and delicious.

Episode 17 – Delicious Dairy and Meat Alternatives

The Power of Food to Heal – Part II will continue to address the scientific research behind the importance of high-fiber/low-fat foods, dairy and meat alternatives

Episode 18 – Anti-Oxidants and Phytonutrients

This episode covers the importance of Anti-Oxidants and Phytonutrients.

Episode 19 – Eating out and Staying Healthy While Travelling

Healthy Summer Activities and Travel workshops will teach great tips for eating out and staying healthy while traveling.

Episode 20 – The Science Behind Raw Foods

We will include topics on avoiding toxins in our environment along with a detailed discussion on the science behind the benefits of fresh fruits and vegetables (i.e. raw foods).

Episode 21 – Quick Lunches, Healthy Snacks and Amazing Summer Refreshments

Quick Lunches, Healthy Snacks, and Amazing Summer Refreshments will be the focus this month to continue on with the summer theme.

Episode 22 – Eating Healthy on a Budget

There is no better time than summertime to take advantage of the bountiful healthy and delicious foods. We will include tips on how to eat healthy on a budget.

Episode 23 – Including Seasonal Foods in our Diets

Eating with the Seasons is a workshop to introduce the attendees to wonderful ways to include seasonal foods into our diet.

Episode 24 – Following the Clues from Mother Nature

This episode talks about how Mother Nature is showing us exactly what our bodies need at various points throughout the year.