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Dessert anyone?

Well of course dessert can be part of a very healthy diet, even one that helps you to lose weight naturally and prevent issues with diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. We all crave sweet things. When we deprive ourselves of tastes and textures we enjoy, this puts us out of balance and we often find ourselves over indulging in something unhealthy as we try to balance out the feeling of deprivation.

So, why am I often called, “the queen of healthy desserts?” Well, I have learned to teach my clients how to enjoy wonderful sweet and creamy treats that are perfectly and completely healthy.

Below are some simple healthy desserts ideas.

  1. Place bananas that are getting a bit too ripe in the freezer for future use. Just peel them and place them in a bag. When you’re craving ice cream, grab a frozen banana out of the fridge and begin to munch. You will be sure you are having banana ice cream!
  2. If banana is not your favorite flavor of ice cream, then take pieces of frozen banana and place them through a juicer with pieces of another favorite fruit. What comes out tastes exactly like soft serve ice cream in the flavor you choose. Try strawberry, blueberry, peach or mango. So sweet and creamy and delicious, it will be hard to believe that it is perfectly healthy without any added sugar or fat.
  3. Is it chocolate that you crave? Well then, instead of freezing the bananas up front, take the ripe bananas and add them to a food processor with good organic cocoa or raw cacao powder and vanilla and blend. Place the banana chocolate pudding in the freezer for a bit before serving. This is so amazing, especially served with thawed organic raspberries or cherries.
  4. Smoothies are a wonderful sweet treat to satisfy any dessert craving. Try making “milk” shakes by adding frozen banana and any natural flavor of choice, such as cocoa or strawberries, to any nondairy milk and blend. You can make this as thick as you want by controlling the amount of nondairy milk. Try rice milk or soy milk or almond milk or hemp milk.
  5. My favorite afternoon pick me up is a blend of homemade nut milk, frozen organic bing cherries and raw cacao powder. Cherry chocolate milk not only perks up my taste buds but my mood and emotions too.