When you look at your life, do you always focus on what you wish was different? 

Do you wish your job was better and that you had more money?

Do you notice what isn’t great about your relationships, home, body, or health? 

We waste so much of our precious energy living in a state of lack instead of a state of luster. Instead of appreciating all that we have, we tend to focus on what we don’t have. 

Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting more and striving for greater success, love, and health in your life. Actually, always looking to see how you can get to the next level is a sign of being a true high performer, which I coach on and encourage. When you focus on everything you believe to be wrong instead of everything that is so brilliantly right, however, you block more good things from coming to you with ease and joy. 

Why is this important? It’s a key to living a successful life, and there’s no better time than the season of Thanksgiving to be reminded to focus on the things to be grateful for. 

You can take this a step further. Rather than just thinking about the things you are thankful for in your head, truly experience and feel the appreciation in your heart — this is the true art of appreciation. 

How to Experience More Fulfillment, Joy, Abundance, and Success

The difference between gratitude and appreciation is subtle but very significant. When you ask someone what they’re grateful for, they typically list things off the top of their head with very little feeling behind those thoughts. While this practice may help you feel slightly better, it’s appreciation that provides you with a true immersive experience full of feeling. 

In my decades of research and application, I made a huge discovery that changed everything. If you’ve been following me and have read my best-selling book, Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity, then you know that the power of your energy, generated from your feelings, affects your life. Your energy has far more influence than your mindset ever will. 

It’s not your mind, it’s your mood that affects the level of fulfillment you experience.

It’s not your head, it’s your heart that influences the amount of joy, abundance, and gratitude you encounter. 

It’s not your brain, it’s your being that determines just how much success you will have. 

Experience Your Gratitude This Holiday

This Thanksgiving, I want you to step into and truly experience each and every thing you’re grateful for. Focus on all you have in your life now, both the big and small things you may take for granted. Concentrate on your good qualities and those of the people around you. Revel in the feelings of gratitude from your heart and fully appreciate these things. When you open your heart, you elevate and expand your energy, which opens you up to receive more into your life.

You are blessed in so many ways — it’s time to give thanks. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed this holiday season, I’ve written a few resources for how to stress less during the holidays and how to deal with loneliness and other difficult feelings that often arise during this time of year. I’m also offering free one-on-one strategy sessions to help you start the new year off on the path toward success without stress and struggle.