Supporting a Strong and Balanced Immune System

Supporting a Strong and Balanced Immune System

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As we enter into the winter months, it is a good time to look at change. With the winter approaching, it is very important to review ways to support our immune system to protect our loved ones and ourselves and to stay healthy and happy through the season.

This episode aired on Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 4:00pm EST. View the recorded video here anytime! Please email with any feedback or suggestions concerning either this episode or the rest of the series.

SanaView’s Bi-Monthly Webinar Course series on How to Live a Healthy Vibrant Life

Course #3 – Supporting a Strong and Balanced Immune System by Janet McKee HHC, AADP

As we move into fall and watch the seasons change, it is a good time to look at how we manage change in our lives. During the month of October, we are going to look at ways to best handle the inevitable change that happens in our lives. The first focus will be on the changing seasons and how we can best support our immune system to keep us healthy as we enter into the colder months ahead.

Course Outline:
  • Review the last webinar topics and answer some outstanding questions
  • Discuss the changing seasons and introduce the topic of immune system support
  • Review how adequate sleep and hydration are key for immune system support
  • Review the role that beneficial bacteria plays in relation to our immune system
  • Remind how stress plays a role in our health and how finding ways to manage stress is key for a healthy immune system and good health overall
  • Introduce the importance of the sun and oxygen in supporting a healthy immune system and a healthy mind and body overall and how exercise supports detoxification which is critical for the lymphatic system
  • Discuss antioxidants and which foods we get these from and what they actually do in our body to protect us
  • Discuss phytonutrients and how they too support our immune system
  • Review which foods suppress our immune system and encourage health challenges
  • Introduce additional immune boosting foods and herbs such as mushrooms, herbs and flowers
  • Introduce how our attitudes affect our immune system and that laughter is good medicine
  • Cooking demo of immune boosting foods
  • Answer questions