How To Regain Your Power To Create a Successful Life

REACTING and CREATING are an anagram: It’s as simple as moving a few letters around to create a different word that feels much better.

It sure is difficult not to react to what is happening around you. Believe me, I know. I continue to learn the hard way. By just accidentally being exposed to the news, for example, makes me feel awful inside. The more I feel awful, the worse my day becomes. 

Do you notice how the feelings (and thus the energy) of anger and frustration start to well up inside of you when you begin to dwell on a problem? Well, you need to know that how you feel inside creates an energy that flows from you and impacts your life.

If your feelings generate the energy that flows from you and creates your life, do you really want to continue to react to life, which puts you in a hopeless place of negative feelings and energy?

Of course not.

Luckily, I’ve learned to be aware of this right away and do very simple things to shift my attention and energy to something more uplifting. The more I practice this, the freer I feel, and soon my life improves in the most amazing ways.

But, this is NOT about forcing positive thoughts, which is what everyone else teaches.

I discovered that it’s not your thoughts but your energy vibration that truly matters. Be aware that your mind may be thinking one thing but your body (or energy) may be emanating another.

You can’t control your thoughts, so stop struggling with that outdated concept. It’s not only impossible but can actually make things worse. The more you try to force a positive thought about something you are angry or fearful about, the more the energy of anger and fear becomes dominant in your energy field. 

So, we are going to simply move the R and C around from REACTING and begin CREATING.

6 Tips To Go From Stress To Success and Begin To Create Your Life

How do you begin to create your life?

  1. Take a deep breath and know (feel) deep inside that you have the power to create a better outcome for your life no matter what is happening around you.
  2. Try to accept any situation and let go of the struggle around this.
  3. Recognize how past challenges have made you stronger and wiser and begin to open up to the wonder and amazement of what good may come of this current situation.
  4. Remember that you can’t truly understand others fully and notice how it feels better to be open, compassionate, or forgiving.
  5. Walk away from the situation and let it go for a while. Release the struggle.
  6. Do anything, and everything, that you love to do that lifts your spirits (and expands your energy) and takes your mind off of the situation for a while.

Regain Your Personal Power

What you are doing here is becoming more resilient and regaining your personal power.

The more you release the struggle and uplift your spirits, you elevate up the energy that vibrates from you. Soon you will not only have clearer and calmer thinking around the subject of concern, but opportunities and solutions will flow to you that would never have arrived with blocked and restricted energy of negativity.

Do you want to keep reacting to life or do you want to start creating a successful life?

Do you want to keep looking at your reality or begin to create a new reality? 

If you need help getting started, contact me for a complimentary strategy session where we can discuss how to transform your energy to create success.