[vc_row row_type=”row” use_row_as_full_screen_section=”no” type=”full_width” text_align=”left” css_animation=”” box_shadow_on_row=”no”][vc_column][vc_column_text]In Part 1, I introduced to you the concept of the spring detox and discussed what you should eat and drink. Now, I would like to conclude this very important topic by addressing what else you should do to feel your very best.

  1. Your body has several natural mechanisms for detoxification. First, there is the normal elimination process through your digestive system. Eating a high fiber diet rich in whole plants foods, as discussed in part 1, is the perfect solution to keeping your digestive elimination process efficient. Your body also eliminates through your breath, your tongue, and even your skin is a major organ of elimination. By considering some of the following suggestions, you may help to promote your body’s detoxification process.
    1. Drink plenty of fresh water (again – see Part 1)
    2. Exercise, which encourages deep breathing and sweating, all help to keep the lymphatic system moving and of course is good for overall health. Consider trying rebounding on a large or small trampoline for a fun way to keep things moving.
    3. Deep tissue or lymphatic massages are great ways too, to promote efficient lymphatic drainage. Of course this feels good too, which is all part of feeling and being your best.
    4. Skin brushing is a way of assisting the removal of dead skin cells and promoting healthy skin by gently brushing with a soft skin brush. Exfoliating the skin helps to prevent bacteria build up too, which may encourage breakouts. Consider also trying an infrared sauna for assistance with skin detoxification. According Dr. Brian Clement, who is in our film, “Bethany’s Story”, an infrared sauna heats from the inside out, which supports metabolic processes. Hot baths or steam baths with salts or essential oils are also a relaxing way to detox your skin, lungs, and kidneys and prevent bladder problems.
    5. Tongue scraping is a wonderful way to start your day. A tongue scraper is far more effective than just using a toothbrush on your tongue, to removed build up of bacteria that may contribute to bad breath.
    6. Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic method of swishing oil around in your mouth, spitting out and rinsing, thought to help pull toxins and bacteria from your mouth
  2. Eliminate, once and for all, the added toxins in your environment! The Environmental Working Group has spent years researching the effects of toxins in our environment and the effects they may have on our health and wellbeing. Please visit www.ewg.org to learn more. It is so easy today to limit if not completely eliminate the toxic substances that we are adding to our environment and our bodies. As you spring clean your home, the most important thing you could do is to use toxin-free, environmentally-friendly cleaning products. I absolutely love and use all the products from Shaklee and am able to provide wholesale pricing if necessary. Everything works just as good if not better than regular, highly toxic cleaning products. Since they come in concentrated form, I save tons of money and feel good that all products are safe, toxin-free, and the packaging is biodegradable. Also consider using only natural body care products. Knowing that everything you put on your skin absorbs into your blood stream will make you stop and re-think your skin lotion, cosmetics, shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste. There are so many wonderful all natural body care products available at the local health food stores that there is no excuse not to give some a try.
  3. Clean up your thoughts to bring some sunshine into your moods and emotions. Most people know that your mind and body are closely intertwined. Living a stressful life can adversely affect the health of your physical body and what you have going on with your body can affect your moods and emotions. By learning that you actually choose your thoughts and that you can choose better ones at any point during the day, brings upon an amazing level of awareness. Even if you can’t think a better thought about some specific stressful situation, then turn your thoughts to something that feels better. Look at something beautiful in nature and admire the green that surrounds us as spring approaches or an amazing spring flower. Immediately you will notice your body begin to feel better. Limit the number of toxic thoughts you choose to have as part of your spring detox plan. Then, continue on throughout the year with these more positive thought patterns.
  4. Consider doing a formal cleanse program with the assistance of special herbal formulas that assist with the capturing of toxins and the efficient elimination of them while providing extra support for the liver. Be sure to contact Janet McKee at janet@sanaview.com or by calling (724) 417-6695 for specific recommendations on cleanse kits that meet your personal needs.
  5. If during the initial stages of a detox program you actually begin to feel worse instead of better, then know that this may be a type of cleanse reaction. It is very important that you are eliminating efficiently to insure the toxins are leaving your body quickly. Contact Janet McKee at (724) 417-6695 or janet@sanaview.com if you need assistance and advice. One way to assist is with the all natural and non-habit forming Intestinal Movement Formula. I also recommend our Liver Rescue Formula to support your liver in the detoxification process.