Have you ever noticed that the harder you try to solve a problem, the more challenging it becomes? This is because your inner state, particularly your energy and feelings, can influence external circumstances. Instead of being at the mercy of outside forces, you actually have the power to shape your reality from within.

Feelings Over Thoughts: The True Influencer of Your Life

It’s a profound realization: your feelings, not just your thoughts, shape your life. While it’s normal to have both positive and negative thoughts, it’s your feelings and energetic state that truly impact your experiences. Rather than struggling with your thoughts, focus on how you feel and the energy you’re emitting.

Recognizing Solutions: Opening Up to Possibilities

Think back to a time when a seemingly impossible situation led to unexpected growth or opportunity. These moments occur because of your inner energetic state. When faced with a problem, if you feel tense and restricted, you block potential solutions. However, recognizing that solutions exist opens you up to new possibilities and often miraculous outcomes.

Embracing Challenges: From Problems to Prosperity

Pay attention to synchronicities and celebrate them. The more you acknowledge these occurrences, the more hopeful and excited you become when facing challenges. Your energy expands, and your life reflects this newfound state of being.

Recently, when facing a deadline to complete a café building at my farm and new winery, SanaView Farms Winery, continuous rain made roof replacement impossible to complete. Despite initial despair, I maintained faith in finding a solution. By reaching out to various contractors to assist my current one, who soon had to leave town for military duty, one group that worked with us a few years back was able to assist and even had additional skills that benefited the project. If we weren’t facing rain delays, I wouldn’t have had him on the project and another critical aspect would never have been completed. What seemed like a setback turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

Trusting in Solutions: The Key to Manifesting Success

The key was not to panic but to trust that a solution would arise and then act from an open hopeful state of being. This open and uplifted energy allowed for the perfect resolution to manifest. This experience, along with many others, demonstrates the incredible power we all possess to create freedom, joy, and success in our lives.

It’s time to recognize your unlimited power and learn how to harness it for a life of prosperity and fulfillment. Stay tuned until next time when I share with you a far more miraculous story and how you too can learn to harness your energetic power.

About the Author: Janet McKee

Janet McKee, speaker, best-selling author, and the dynamic CEO of SanaView, stands as a visionary leader in the realms of high achievement, success, abundance, and the art of creating a life filled with unparalleled joy and fulfillment.

Her revolutionary perspectives derive from a personal journey of discovery, catapulting her teachings far beyond conventional mindset philosophies. Janet equips you with the ultimate tools, steering you towards a life that is not only successful but also deeply fulfilling.

Going above and beyond outdated, restricted teachings that focus solely on altering thoughts, Ms. McKee introduces a more effective and enjoyable approach to life—centered around a profound shift in your way of being. This transformative method has empowered her clients and captivated audiences, enabling them to transcend prior limitations and overcome struggles. Janet McKee offers the transformative answer you’ve been earnestly seeking.

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