Positive Thinking is Not the Answer – The Surprising Solution to Stress and Overwhelm

Positive Thinking is Not the Answer – The Surprising Solution to Stress and Overwhelm

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Are you feeling stressed out and overwhelmed or simply unhappy? Well, watch this video as I share with you that positive thinking is not the answer.

If you’ve been stressing and struggling to achieve success in your life, then you need to know that you’re making it harder than it has to be.

Take everything you ever heard about achieving success or managing stress and set that all aside. Even if you’ve achieved some level of success in your life, you have no idea how much more you could achieve once you understand these surprising secrets that I am about to share with you.

Hi, I’m Janet McKee, speaker, success coach, and best-selling author with my new book titled, Stressless Success, and I want to share with you some of the surprising secrets that I’ve discovered.

I was just like you when it came to stress and struggle.

I had been in the corporate world in very high-pressure high-powered positions in two Fortune 500 Companies. I was such a super high-achiever but the stress and pressure took me down until I landed in the hospital with an illness I couldn’t understand and couldn’t control. Not long after recovering, I hit another wall and completely crashed and burned after my husband walked out on me and our son and left me not only heart-broken and our family ripped apart, but left me at the brink of financial disaster.

After struggling and suffering for years, I began to search the world for answers.

I studied with world masters in success, achievement, abundance, positive thinking and high-performance. Each idea helped me in certain ways but I kept finding myself feeling stuck and frustrated because I was not reaching the levels for my life that I knew were possible.

Has that ever happened to you?

Well, it wasn’t until I discovered something that is nothing short of dramatic.

And now I am living the life of my dreams. I have a thriving speaking and coaching business, and I’ve developed an incredibly successful real-estate investment business that includes my farm, SanaView Farms, which I love so much and is the most successful of them all.

People began to say to me, “Wow, Janet! How did you do all of this when you were against all odds?” That is when I knew I had to share these ideas with the world, which is why I took all of my years of research and spent the past year writing my most recent book, “Stressless Success.” Now, like me, I want YOU to enjoy success with ease.

This is going to completely change things for you for the better, forever.

I discovered that positive thinking IS NOT the answer.

Yes, having a positive mindset is a good foundation, but it is the energy behind the thought that is far more important.

If you are trying to think a positive thought that you don’t truly believe about a situation that has you very upset or worried, then you are actually putting more negative energy out into the world. Negative feelings and energy create a negative result.

The very act of trying to think positively about a situation that worries you can create more negativity. It is not about thinking positive it is about being positive.

In this video I share a true story about a client of mine that was trying to conjure positive affirmations about something she was fearful about. In her attempt to think a positive thought that she didn’t truly believe, it was making the situation worse. It was feeding her energy of fear.

I realized she was trying to leap from her low-level negative thoughts and feelings to a high-level positive thought. It is like trying to leap from a low rung of a ladder to a high rung in one leap. If you try to leap too far too fast, you’re going to fall off the ladder and break your leg.

So instead, I taught her how to climb the ladder of her thoughts one rung at a time with thoughts that she truly believed and could feel good about. This gave her strong footing and created better feelings and energy inside of her that began to create better and better results. I share all about how to do this and much much more, in my new book titled, Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity.

Boy, I wish someone would have given me a book like this when I was struggling. But there is no need for you to struggle too. I figured it all out and It’s time for you to learn and benefit from what I learned.

The official launch of my book is February 12th so to get on our list to be in the know about the virtual online book launch party and get a ton of great free gifts, please visit stresslesssuccess.com.

On that page, you will get FREE access to:

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And, when you buy the book on Launch Day, which is Wednesday, February 12th, you will receive:

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This is not about me selling books, this is about getting this information into the hands of as many people as possible so that they can benefit from the powerful information shared between the covers of this book.

About the Author

Janet McKee, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Wellness Expert,  High Performance™ Success Coach, and CEO of SanaView, is on a mission to inspire and teach you proven and effective ways to Embrace a Better Life; a life that is richer, happier, healthier, and more fulfilling.

After experiencing tremendous success in the corporate environment and obtaining her MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, Ms. McKee became passionate about helping others. She pursued a wellness degree with a school affiliated with Columbia University, was then selected to be one of only 200 in the world certified in High Performance™ with the High Performance Institute, and has been awarded membership into the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers.

Ms. McKee is the creator of the innovative and acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program and emPower3 retreats designed to help you Fuel You Passion, Positivity, and Purpose.

Ms. McKee wrote a recipe book titled, “Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health,” co-authored a best-selling book with success legend, Brian Tracy and other experts titled, “Ready, Set, Go!”, and is completing her new book titled, “Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity.”

Whether you consult with Ms. McKee directly or hire her to speak to your organization, you will learn her proven methods to achieve greater levels of energy, joy, confidence, and success. To learn more visit janetmckee.com and sanaview.com. She can be reached at (724) 417-6695 or janet@sanaview.com.