How to Solve Overwhelming Stress and Anxiety: Positive Thinking is not the Answer!

How to Solve Overwhelming Stress and Anxiety: Positive Thinking is not the Answer!

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I know that you’ve been stressing and struggling with how to achieve success. Maybe you’re having a hard time just getting through the day. I promise you—I’ve been there.

Years ago, I was in the corporate world working in high-pressure, high-powered positions for Fortune 500 companies. I was a super-overachiever and experienced incredible success, but the stress and pressure took me down until I landed in the hospital debilitated by an autoimmune disease  that no one seemed to be able to understand or control. After a few years of learning how to heal my body naturally, I hit another wall that caused me to crash and burn. My husband of 26 years walked out on me and our son, Nathan. Not only did he leave me heartbroken and our family ripped apart, but he also left me on the brink of financial disaster. 

Here’s the thing: life throws us challenges. That’s just what it does. Some will be small, and some will feel impossible. But there is no need for you to struggle as I did for all those years, living inside my own suffering. It’s time for you to benefit from what I’ve discovered after searching the world for answers. 

The Journey to Stressless Success

For just a moment, set aside what you’ve heard about managing stress and achieving success, because you’re making it harder than it has to be. Even if you’ve had some success in the past, you have no idea how much more you could achieve with ease instead of struggle. Things only started to change for me after I made an incredible discovery that nobody was teaching. I spent years studying topics like abundance, positive thinking, success, and high-performance with masters and thought leaders in their respective fields. What I learned was helping me a little, but then I discovered the missing piece  Now, I’m living a more empowered and fulfilling life with a thriving business as a speaker, best-selling author, success coach, CEO of SanaView and the highly successful SanaView Farms, and so much more.

People started asking me, “How did you do all of this when you were working against the odds?” That’s when I knew that I had to share my ideas with the world. Now, I want YOU to enjoy success with ease. My discovery is going to change things for you completely… for the better… forever. 

My Dramatic Discovery about Positive Thinking

I discovered that, despite what you might have read or heard, positive thinking is not the answer. At least not in the way that so many people seem to think it is. Yes, a positive mindset is a good foundation, but if you’re stressing and struggling, you simply don’t have a positive mindset and forcing one can actually cause damage. 

In reality, it’s the energy behind the thought that changes the game.

If you’re upset or worried, but you try to force a positive thought that you don’t truly believe, it’s uncomfortable, right? It can cause distress, disillusionment, and even bouts of depression. When you try to use false positivity like a bandaid on a stressful situation, what you’re actually doing is creating and exuding negative emotions, or what I call, energy.

Guess what—negative energy creates negative outcomes. There is an insurmountable difference between forced positive thinking and actually being or feeling positive. 

Climb the Ladder of Your Thoughts and Feelings

I once had a client who was trying to conjure up positive affirmations for success about something that made her feel really afraid. In her “fake it till you make it” attempt, she may have inadvertently made things worse. 

I realized that she was trying to make the leap too far from low-level negative thoughts and feelings to high-level positive thoughts and feelings. I explained why that’s like trying to leap from the bottom rung of a ladder to the top. If you do this, you’re probably going to fall and break your leg, or worse. 

The key is not to jump to a forced positive thought that you don’t believe, but instead climb the ladder of thoughts and feelings one rung at a time. We tapped into slightly better thoughts that she truly believed and felt good about. This gave her a strong footing and foundation on which to create progressively better feelings, higher energy, and eventually, better outcomes.

Work with Me, Janet McKee

Don’t stress and struggle as I did for so many years. If you’re ready, I can help you climb the ladder of your thoughts and feelings, access more positive energy, and achieve true stressless success. Send me a message or call me at 724-417-6695 to book a free 1:1 strategy session with me.

If you want to learn more about my discovery on thoughts vs. energy and don’t already have a copy of my book, Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity, order one here