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I’m here to share with you proven ideas and tools to get you to the next level and this is why you need me to coach you.  You need someone with the training, skills, and perspective to challenge you and to cheer you on to that next level that you desire and beyond.

Have you been powering through each day as your best self?  You know I spoke about that in our very first episode.  If not, don’t beat yourself up. Awareness is key for change to happen.

Ask yourself, “what can I begin to do differently to be a better version of me?”

“What is one thing I can begin to do today to make my life extraordinary?”

This can be something large or small such as get more rest, drink fresh water, eat fresh foods grown naturally from Mother Nature, get outside and move your body and breath fresh air.

Wellness is the foundation for an extraordinary life.  That’s why here at SanaView, we are very unique. So many people talk about positive thinking or nutrition or fitness or spirituality or relationships or career  – we cover the whole gamut here, in great detail. Others may focus on two of the areas or they just lightly touch on another area but not us. We know that you must conquer all areas of your life and continue to strive to be your best in every area to truly live a triumphant life.  And, we pull in the best of what the world masters teach and we bring it all together for you.  We do the legwork so you don’t have to.

And all of this helps you to achieve a level of peace, which is key to achieving prosperity.

Yes, I spoke about a few weeks ago about how the path to success begins with desire and how frustration can actually fuel progress because when you are frustrated, briefly, it fires you up, hopefully, to keep trying and to not give up.  But on that path toward achieving your goals, you need to enjoy the journey.  You don’t wait to get happy once you’ve reached your goals, you must get happy first and your goals will more easily be achieved.

You must not struggle, as this is a low vibration energy that will only block progress. You must have patience and find peace and joy along your path to prosperity.

How do you do this?  The simplest and most obvious thing is to be thankful for where you are right now.  Gratitude is gold.  Imagine that every time you practice gratitude, someone is handing you a gold coin.

Don’t look at what you don’t have with a feeling of lack – as this creates discomfort.  Try instead to celebrate small successes that you have each day.  Celebrating is fun and will raise your vibration.

You know that amazing feeling you get when you just fell in love?  I heard a professor named Dr. Rao mention this once.   Well, do everything today with the same energy and feeling as if you just fell in love.

As you feel better and better you can reach a place of peace and knowing that you will get to where you want to be.  Don’t cling to the specific outcome, let go and trust and have faith and enjoy the trip along that path to prosperity.

So just like my farm manager at my farm, who plants seedlings and waters them daily. He has patience for the amazing vegetables and fruits and flowers that he will harvest many months later with great joy and pride, but he feels that joy and pride now.

So continue on this road trip with us to bring your best self into the world and begin to live a more triumphant life.

Please share this with anyone you feel could benefit from this message.  Thank you for joining me.  I share this because you know I love you.  Have a great week and we will see you next time on our Triumphant Life of Abundance podcast.




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SanaView is an organization whose mission is to inspire and teach easy, effective and enjoyable ways to Embrace a Better Life; a life that is richer, happier, healthier and more fulfilling.  Janet McKee, founder of SanaView, is a best-selling author and one of the most vibrant, inspirational and motivational speakers of our time.  She is known for captivating her audience through the use of real-life stories and anecdotal accounts that draw people in, entertain them, uplift and empower them with real solutions that they can begin to use to improve their lives immediately.

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