How to Get to the Next Level in Your Life More Efficiently and Effectively

High achievers are always pursuing the next level of success, even in areas that seem to be good already. They continuously ask themselves, “How can things be better?” in both their personal and professional lives. They don’t settle for mediocrity or the status quo. They are clear on what they want, and they find ways to keep achieving.

Many people do not do this because they feel they must stress and struggle to go after more. Because of this, they are afraid that they must pay a steep price, so they settle for what they have here and now. But the day you stop desiring more is the day you stop truly living. 

Take Action From a More Energized Place

The key point to understand is that you do not need to “kill” yourself to achieve greater levels of success. I’ve discovered that the less you stress, the better you feel and the more you enjoy the process of striving for more.  This is because you approach every action with ease and joy instead of struggle. You no longer work against the walls of resistance you’ve built inside your own mind. Those walls only make you feel exhausted and block opportunities and solutions from ever reaching you. If you take action from a more energized place and feel excited about life, soon incredible things will begin to flow to you with ease. This is the secret to a truly fulfilling and successful life!

Ask yourself: 

  • Why are you choosing to feel stressed? 
  • What does being stressed do for you?

Many of you wear your struggle like a badge of honor, but I’m here to tell you: You’re making success harder than it has to be!

If you believe that success can only come from hard work and struggle, you will continue to work hard and struggle, and the success that does come to you will be extremely hard-won.

There is a way to get to a successful life more efficiently and effectively – with more joy and less stress. When you learn to take action from a more elevated way of being — a process I call the Stressless Success Shift™ — you get better results faster. Even if you’ve experienced some success in your life so far, you have no idea the levels you can achieve once you make the shift.

Ask yourself: 

  • What does success feel like?
  • What would it feel like to have more of what you want in your life?

It’s About The Energy You Emanate

Your life is a reflection of who you are and what you are putting out into the world, not just from an action standpoint but from an energy standpoint (or based on the way you feel). So, you must emanate an energy that matches what you want to bring toward you.

Please notice, this is not just about your thoughts, which you can’t fully control anyway; it is more about the way you feel. When you cultivate these new more elevated feelings, unbelievable things will begin to happen for you. It’s like an athlete being in the flow before scoring the winning points.

There are two general types of energy: 

  1. Physical and mental energy, which is managed and improved by taking great care of yourself. This includes the obvious common-sense things such as sleep well, drink plenty of fresh water, eat well, exercise, and breath fresh air. 
  2. Emotional and spiritual energy, which is managed by being aware of how you feel emotionally and energetically throughout the day and by doing things that easily uplift you to more elevated and expanded feelings.

Number one above is the foundation on which you can more easily build number two, but ultimately,it is the emotional energy you emanate that truly creates your life.

Expand and Uplift How You Feel

Find something that takes your mind off of reasons to feel stress;  this will take you to a better feeling place. Before taking any action, consider prayer, meditation, dancing and singing, getting outside in Mother Nature, or thinking about something or someone you love. It can be something quick, such as imagining the expansive blue sky at the beach or that you’re a bird in flight.

Do anything you can to expand and uplift how you feel before making an important phone call, entering a meeting, or having a conversation with your spouse or partner. Play around with this and notice what starts to happen. Each new experience will give you a new perspective and from this, you will create even better outcomes.

Over time, you must learn to become more self-aware of the energy you generate and give off to the world around you. Start each day and activity from an elevated feeling. Take notice of when you get off balance and fall off your horse. That way, you can make some adjustments, get back on, and keep riding. Life is so exciting when you live in this manner!

Bring the energy of success into everything you do, and I assure you, success will come more efficiently and effectively – with ease and joy. If you’re ready to get to the next level in your life without stress and struggle, contact me for a complimentary 1-on-1 strategy session, or visit my blog to discover more of my teachings on the Stressless Success Shift™!