You may have heard me speak or read my books and articles about gaining freedom from fear. This topic is so important as fear is the leading cause of stress. What we know, though, is that most often, fear is just a result of an overactive imagination of some perceived threat. It’s just an irrational thought that creates this uncomfortable feeling or emotion. The good news? You have the power to change all of this. 

It’s not the thought that matters as much as the feelings (or energy) behind the thought. As I have explained many times, your reality isn’t necessarily created by your thoughts, but instead, the energy, or feeling, behind your thoughts creates your reality. We all have thoughts of fear. Some are fleeting, while others linger for a lifetime. Here’s a secret — it’s more difficult to try to control all of your thoughts than it is to simply cultivate the uplifted feeling of freedom from fear.

Understanding the Root of Your Fear of the Unknown

One of the leading sources of our irrational fears is the fear of the unknown. We worry about what the next day, week, month, season, year, or even “next phase” of our lives will bring. With the next “big” change, whether it’s a different school or career (or retirement!), a new relationship, or a move to a new town or state, it’s not uncommon to fear change.

The fear of change is what’s known to trigger an additional fear of the unknown.  Anything new or different from what we currently experience, even if it will clearly be better long-term, makes us feel uncomfortable. Often, we prefer to stay in a less than ideal situation than make a change because of this very fear. However, if you fear what may (or may not) happen next, your constricted energies will feed into this and create an undesirable result.

If you learn and begin to practice what I teach, which is that you are not a victim of your outside circumstances but instead have the power within you to create your life, the unknown becomes an incredible opportunity and true blessing. 

Recognizing the Value of the Unknown 

It’s better to think of the unknown as a clean canvas upon which you are the painter. How amazing is it that you get to choose the colors, textures, shapes, and shading? When you realize you can create the masterpiece that is your life by enjoying the creation process, this uplifted feeling (or energy) sets the stage for an uplifting outcome.

Positive results come from positive energy and positive action, not from fear.

The unknown is your opportunity to apply my Stressless Success Shift™ principles and create remarkable outcomes for your life! When you understand the power that you have within you, the unknown is recognized and appreciated as the true blessing from God that it is. Practice ways to uplift and expand your energy every day, and step forward into the unknown with the faith and confidence to enjoy the fulfillment of creating instead of fearing.

Harnessing Your Power for a Better Tomorrow 

Nobody knows what the future may bring. If you choose to live in fear and anxiety, though, it’ll ruin your today and create a not-so-good tomorrow. Instead, when you learn to harness your power to create a desirable tomorrow, you’ll never again fear the unknown. Step forward in faith, and have fun! If you need help learning how you can create a better tomorrow for yourself, read more on my blog or contact me to schedule a complimentary 1-on-1 strategy session.