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The biggest thing is that because of my high performance coaching work, I was presented with an opportunity to join with a best selling author and other various experts who are writing a book and they invited me to join them as one of the expert authors!  So, I was working on my proposal for the chapter I will be writing and of course, it will be on ways to empower yourself to reach your goals.

This is an example of what happens when you are working from a higher vibration, trusting the universe and allowing things to flow. You all know that I am working on a book around this Triumphant Life of Abundance series. So this is the perfect opportunity for me to get experience with the book writing and publishing process, with a best-selling author. Holy smokes, the opportunity landed right in my lap and of course, I didn’t hesitate.

The book is scheduled to be finished and released this fall and my full book on the subject is planned for early next year. For anyone taking my complete Triumphant Life of Abundance Course (which will be ready on our site by the end of April 2017), we will be sending you a free copy of the book and any Premium Member of SanaView will get a free eBook version.

All of this work on raising our energy level and creating more of what we want in our lives has changed things so much for me and I want the same for you. It’s funny how some days you may look at your life and say, “why haven’t I gotten further or accomplished more?” But when you look back at your life over the previous year, you will be amazed.

As I was finishing my year-end taxes, I realized how far I had come in two areas of our business. In the prior year, our farm, SanaView Farms, was still losing money after several years of development. I applied the principles that I teach in this course series and I am astounded. Since I started working on this, we went from losing money to making money at our farm in one year and this year we are seeing huge revenue growth and profits.

And, right when I was needing and ready for something fresh to enter my professional life and our SanaView business overall, I stumble upon high performance coaching and being involved in more videos, speaking and involved in writing two books! Its almost scary how well these concepts work.

Be patient and allow it to work for you. I know it will.

Today, we are teaching a very important concept to now tie all of this together for you. So far, in this series, we’ve discussed high-level concepts to reach your goals. Then, we dug deep into how to uncover and resolve your limiting beliefs, patterns and fears and then we came out with an incredible teaching on using the power of your imagination to create what you want in your life. Now today, I’m pleased to say that this is the most liberating subject of the whole series.

Liberating Yourself with The Seeds of Success

Since becoming a farmer, I’ve learned that a seed is a miracle of Mother Nature. Everything it needs to nourish itself to germinate and sprout into a plant is inside. All it needs is the right conditions of temperature and moisture to germinate and begin to grow into the plant it is meant to be.

Just like a seed, you have everything within you. All you need is for the conditions to be right for your seed to germinate and everything will come to life.

As Derek Rydall has written, “everything you need to fulfill your destiny is within you waiting to emerge.”   And, “when you make the connection with the seed of potential that is within you, and become aligned with it, whatever you need for your life to emerge to the next level will show up.” This is exactly what has been happening to me.

Saint Francis has said, “you are what you seek.”

Rumi, my favorite poet, expressed it best when he wrote:

“I have lived on the lip of insanity,

wanting to know reasons…

Knocking on a door.

The door opens.

I’ve been knocking from the inside.”


Even Nike has a marketing video that emphasizes, “Everything you need is inside you.”

If you are not in the ultimate harmony with the universe (or mother nature) or what’s inside you, your life will be a struggle and you may suffer from illness or disease. Trust me, just like in farming; you don’t want to struggle against Mother Nature..

However, where a seed needs the right outer conditions, you need the right inner conditions for your true purpose to emerge. When you create the right inner conditions the great purpose for which you were born must and will come to life. Learn to be in harmony with your inner and outer environment.

Look at where you make something outside of yourself a priority over what is inside. If you wait until your bank account is larger to feel secure, you may always feel insecure. The bank account can’t make you feel secure; you need to create an inner environment that is secure first. Your real source of security is within you.

If you wait for someone else to love you to feel loved, then over time that relationship will not fulfill you. Do you know that you actually come from love and are love? Feel peace inside and cultivate an inner knowing that you are loved and secure inside yourself.

Yes you still need to plan and visualize etc… and we are going to teach you ways to be highly motivated, productive and have clarity in our high performance teachings. All of the important, practical, yet powerful points to accomplish great things will be taught in the following series.

But once you follow and embrace what we are teaching here, you will no longer live from the place of lack from where the problems in your life were created. When you live from a place of peace and fulfillment, the whole universe lines up to support you. When we live more in harmony with ourselves, than the whole human experience will change and improve. Our societies will live more in harmony with each other and with nature.

You need to be in alignment, however with your inner self with your outer desires. Your inner thoughts and beliefs and your outer actions all need to be consistent and congruent. If you want to be healthy, then you need to sleep well, drink fresh water, eat healthy and exercise, but you also need to work on your inner thoughts and emotions. You can’t meditate in the morning and then go out into the day expressing anger and stress.

Human consciousness is all about fear. The focus is all on limitation and lack. Actually, our lives are abundant. You can go to the grocery store and look at all of the options you have available to you! If you want to go somewhere, pull up to a gas station and put some fuel in your vehicle and go. Start celebrating what is present around you instead of focusing on what is lacking.

It doesn’t matter where you’ve been before or the mistakes you think you made in the past. Everything happened for a reason and has brought you to this place today.

We’ve taught in previous videos about the power of visualization. The concern here though is that you can only visualize from your limited self concept and you don’t want to force something from this limited view. Your thoughts and imagination are limited by your concept of yourself, your limited experiences and the beliefs of the people around you and society. When working with your imagination, try to go further and tap into ideas that want to germinate; ideas that go beyond your current life experiences. As Derek Rydall wrote, “Even though Einstein may have used imagination, he ultimately went beyond the mind and tapped into something deeper.”

There is a story of the great Italian artist, Michelangelo, which Brad Yates shared with me once. He told me that when asked how he produced such marvelous sculptures, the Michelangelo responded that he saw the subjects already there – perfect – inside the marble, and that he then just chipped away all the stone that didn’t belong, revealing the masterpiece within. What an incredible metaphor to having everything that you need inside yourself. You need to chip away all the things that no longer serve you.

Ask yourself, what is the highest vision of my life?

What does the world need from me?

If a strong desire emerges, know that it is actually something wanting to come out.

When you look at your goals, it is fascinating to break them down into the non-material reason why you want to accomplish them. For example, if you want to make more money, ask yourself why. If it is because you want to buy a house, then ask yourself, why do you want the house? The house possibly represents comfort and security to you. Therefore, it is actually the comfort and security that you truly want and this can only be obtained from within.

Do this with each of your goals. List them and then list why and continue to answer why until you get to the non-material reason why you want something. You will then realize that those feelings are easily obtained inside and you do not need the outside things to have the feeling you desire.

In your life, are coming from a place of fear or lack or limitation? If so, ask yourself what this thing I need actually stands for. Then, begin to nurture the feeling inside yourself and see how your life responds. Allow yourself to receive and allow the energy to flow. You will soon come to realize that what you already want is actually within you.

This does not mean that you don’t take action. Actually, you will be more productive when you cultivate those feelings that you desire within you. As Derek Rydall wrote, “when you know already that you have everything you want within you, your actions unfold from a desire to share what you have and who you are because your wholeness cannot help but express itself. As long as you remain rooted in your soul and cultivate the inner conditions that are congruent with the seed of your potential, you will produce” a bountiful harvest. When you realize that you can have everything you want within you, you will want to give and share more with the world and your true vision can be expressed.

Begin to articulate your inner vision by contemplating the following points:

Write down verbs that excite and inspire you and describe what you want to do.

Who or what do you want to engage with or contribute to?

What is the end result that you are seeking?

How would it feel if you were living your purpose?

How would you interact with others?

What would you be doing?

What activities can you start doing to be that person now?

How can I serve? How can I give more?

What would you do if you had everything you needed and you knew you couldn’t fail?

Be specific in your answers and consider the feelings that this generates. Ask yourself these questions throughout the day and be consistent in taking actions that are in alignment with this. Keep raising your vibration by getting the feeling as if you already are living your purpose (as we have taught in previous articles and videos).   Soon you will realize that you will begin coming from a place of inspired action.

Have faith, be kind to yourself, have patience.

Get a support structure around you. Consider having me as your mentor and coach to lead you through all steps toward a triumphant life. This is part of what I do when I work with a client and it is very powerful and highly effective.

What if each day could be the best day of your life?

What if each year could be the best year of your life?

Well each one can be better than the next if you take these principles to heart and cultivate inside of you all that is there waiting to grow.

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