Welcome to Your Independence Day

Welcome to Your Independence Day

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Did you know that you truly are the creator of your own experience?

Yes, you.

Scientists have discovered that everything is energy, and the energy you give off from within you affects the reality around you. With this comes the realization that you have the power within you to generate precisely the type of energy you need to create a successful life. When you understand, remember, and put this to use — even when times are challenging — everything can shift for you and the world for the better. 

If you think you need to control everything and everyone around you, life becomes a struggle. When you push against something, you give your power away and will soon burn yourself out. Trust me. I know this all too well. Once, after watching the news and finding myself agitated at what I heard, I had a conversation with someone whose views opposed mine, and we ended up at each other’s throats. This wasn’t a good outcome for either one of us. 

When you need everything in the world to be a certain way for you to be happy, how will you ever be happy? You won’t. But when you realize that you have the power to create a great outcome for your life, no matter what happens around you, you’ll experience true empowerment.

Or, as I like to call it, “your true Independence Day.


Acknowledge and Expand Your Energy

It’s perfectly natural to have a negative reaction to things that are happening around you. But do you want to keep focusing on an unpleasant reality, or would you like to create a new one? Remember — everything is energy, and what you give out is what you get back. Pay attention to your energy (the way you feel) and do things that make you feel better because this will elevate and expand your energy.

This is a simple concept, but it’s not always easy to implement. It takes awareness of where you are at any moment and a practice of getting yourself to a better-feeling place. When you create good feelings, you open yourself up to receiving good things. Things that meet you at your energetic level come to you, so the better your energy is, the better your life will become.

Think about a scale of low to high energies where fear, guilt, and shame are on the low end of the scale and peace, love, and joy are on the high end of the scale. You can feel the difference between these ends of the spectrum when you just think about these words.

There are many challenges in the world right now, and there will always be challenges for you to face. So let me ask you this: Are you focusing on the problem, or are you open to solutions? Focusing on the problem is a very different energy than focusing on the potential for solutions. Awareness of what is happening is fine, but focusing on the issues only blocks the solutions from coming because they are two very different energies. When you focus on what’s wrong, you give your power away to all that is wrong.


Facing Challenges with A.R.E.

Begin to be more aware of how your focused attention affects how you feel and the actions it entices. Worry and fear block your energy, so when you stay there, you’ll get blocked results. Hopelessness and despair are very low energy vibrations that make you feel like giving up. Anger is also low energy (it’s actually a slightly higher energy than hopelessness, though), but it fuels action from a desire for a better way. 

Have you ever looked back on a challenge and realized how it made you stronger and wiser? Well, this is true for our country, too. Challenges are actually a good thing. Plus, challenges fuel our desire for a better life. 

When a challenge happens in your life, do what I call A.R.E.:

Accept that something has happened,

Release the struggle, and begin to

Expect the best.

This gets you to a better feeling place before taking action. When you find yourself in a better-feeling place, you have more clarity and creativity to create a better outcome and achieve better results. 

You may believe you can’t change the world around you, but when you focus on what you can change (you and your energy), the world begins to reflect your elevated energy. This is why the world needs your positive, uplifting, and hopeful energy. 

The outcome for your life influences the outcome for the world. It’s the ripple effect that moves from you and flows to everyone around you. 


Generating Peace with Your Elevated Energy

We all ultimately want the same thing — a good, happy, fulfilling life. Can you imagine living at an elevated level of peace no matter what is happening around you? This is the ultimate way to be, as peace is the highest level energy vibration you can feel. When you get here, you’ll soon notice things changing around you. 

Begin to tap into your more powerful positive energy. These are exciting times — we’re living through a part of our history in the making. We’ll all get through this like we’ve gotten through everything before and be better for it. This is a great country, and so are the people within it. 

Feel the inspiration and positive power begin to grow within you. What does it feel like?

Believe it, feel it, know it, and so it will be.

Happy Independence Day.