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Reach Your Goals


Why is it that 98% of people who set new years resolutions or goals for themselves, never follow through or never achieve their goals?

It is because they do not actually believe, deep down inside, that they can be thinner, healthier or more successful or that they can achieve their dreams. They label themselves as unfit or poor or believe they can’t ever have a great relationship or money etc…

Deepak Chopra brilliantly points out that we need to review what we believe about ourselves and if they don’t match our goals and dreams, then our first goal should be to change what we believe. To do this, pay attention to what you are telling yourself and begin telling yourself something more positive. Your outer life is a reflection of your inner life and beliefs. By improving your beliefs about yourself, your outer world will improve too.

Other experts, such as Esther Hicks, have spoken about our inner vibrational energy and how we need to be a vibrational match to things that we want. Glen Ackerman, a fellow High Performance™ student friend of mine, taught me about Low Vibration Energy and High Vibration Energy. Thoughts are energy so negative thoughts come from a low vibration energy source that do not reflect our true selves and these low vibration thoughts can seek us out and infiltrate our brains. High vibration energies, or positive thoughts, are ones we need to seek. Practice seeking high vibration or positive thoughts so that you can dissolve the low vibration thoughts.

When we encourage and experience more of these high vibration thoughts, we will experience more good things in our lives. So, how do we raise our vibrational thoughts?

Here is a list of very practical but powerful things you can do every day:

Practice gratitude

Get good sleep

Drink plenty of fresh water to be hydrated

Get outside in nature or garden

Sing, dance, or simply listen to music

Clear clutter

Do things you love to do

Pray or meditate

Express love and joy to others

Play and laugh more

Spend time with positive uplifting people

Listen to your intuition

Do something nice for someone or volunteer

Spend time with a pet or a child and

Pamper yourself.

Furthermore, Brendon Burchard, my teacher and mentor, speaks about ten key factors that predict someone’s level of success. The first factor is, in his explanation, the most important factor of all. He calls this factor, Future Identity, and it relates to our ability to see ourselves as the future person we envision.

If you don’t see yourself as transformed and achieving your goals, then you will not push through and continue to be motivated even in light of some perceived challenges. You may try to set new years resolutions, and be temporarily excited, but if you don’t see yourself as ultimately thin or successful, then you will lose momentum and simply give up. Those that have a more concrete vision of themselves are more likely to overcome challenges as they arise.

I like to explain a further concept of using your imagination to not only see yourself in some future state but to imagine as if it is already your reality. What does it feel or smell or taste like to be in an experience of realizing your goals. Feel how exhilarated and happy and proud you feel. Feel it as if it is already your reality. This is called, according to Neville, the power of awareness, and is the secret to us achieving our desired state.

By making your new goals be of having new and more positive beliefs of yourself, practicing ways to achieve high vibration energy thoughts, seeing yourself in this future identity that you have envisioned and then obtaining the feeling as if it is already your reality, is the key to living a life of enthusiasm, passion and triumph as your destiny.

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