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Do you experience what you believe are impossible situations (or mountains) in your life that you can’t change?

Are you hitting your head against the wall trying to solve a problem and feel hopeless?

Have you tried everything to resolve a concern or achieve a goal but feel frustrated and ready to give up?

Well, I was there too.

After years of searching for solutions but feeling like a piece of the puzzle to living a successful life was still missing, I made a discovery that changed everything. Once I learned how to harness the power of what I discovered, I moved what appeared to be impossible mountains, which cleared the path to a better life in many amazing ways.

What’s fascinating to know is that I did this without stress and struggle. The stress and struggle I was facing before only made the mountains more massive and intimidating. Once I learned to shift something inside of myself — which is far easier than moving an actual mountain — the mountains not only moved but disappeared altogether.

How fulfilling it is for me to share this incredible insight with you and watch you move mountains, too!


Your Faith Will Move Mountains 

Did you know that faith can move mountains? I know this sounds like a religious ideology — what I’m referring to here, though, is that faith and hope feel different (and better) than hopelessness, despair, or frustration. From a biological standpoint, when you are experiencing stress, blood drains from your brain. This makes it far more difficult to think clearly and find solutions for challenges you are facing. But I discovered a deeper truth: how you feel creates an energy that emanates from you, impacting your life’s reality more than you ever may know.

Consider how feelings of hopelessness and despair are very uncomfortable or low energy feelings. Where will that lead you? How can you move forward to climb or move impossible mountains in your life if you’re feeling that way? Faith and hope are more elevated feelings. From these more open states of being, unbelievable solutions you may have never considered become available to you almost miraculously. Or at least it seems that way.

But these aren’t miracles that only happen to the most religious or spiritually enlightened people. These are “miracles” that can occur for regular people just like you and me.


Moving Mountains to Create Miracles  

Are these miracles out of our control and only happen at random times to random people? Not exactly. These profound shifts happen in people’s lives when they make simple yet profound changes inside themselves. Most miraculous of all is that you have the power to do this, to shift what is happening inside of you. Once you do, things around you begin to shift. And yes, some of those things will appear to be almost miraculous.

My doctors told me years ago that there was nothing I could do to heal my body from a debilitating autoimmune disease. They said I either had to be on a medication that had a 15% chance of causing cancer for the rest of my life or have some organs removed. After getting out of the hospital, barely alive, I healed my body through research and trial and error. I have been illness-free and on no medications for decades. First mountain moved!

After toiling long, hard hours developing SanaView Farms only to be losing money, someone told me “farms never make money,” and “it will be a difficult business that will certainly fail.” Once I released the struggle and opened up to possible solutions, an almost miraculous solution landed in my lap. My farm then became the biggest money-making property I own. Second mountain moved! Now I’m starting to get this.

After my husband left, my high-priced attorneys told me that I would never be able to save the investment properties I developed. Once I released the fear and anxiety, solutions for both of us amicably arose, and I could save everything. Third mountain moved!

You can read all about these mountains and how I moved them in my best-selling book, “Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity.”


Jeff H.: Internal Shifts Create External Realities 

But what about others, and what about you? Am I just lucky, or can anyone do this?

Let’s take my client, Jeff H., for example. He attended one of my empower3 Leadership + Lifestyle Retreats a few years ago. After, he called me to inquire about personal coaching. I knew this man was a high-ranking officer in the military, spoke at the White House, and was a successful businessman and elected official. How could I possibly help him?

He proceeded to tell me that he was frustrated and unhappy, mainly over an issue with another individual that he had to interact with professionally. This situation was having an incredibly negative impact on his life, and he shared that there was nothing that could be done about it. He said they hated each other for over eight years and would never change. He was so disgusted with his situation that he and his wife were counting the days until he could retire.

We knew we couldn’t change this other person, but we had the power to make inner shifts within Jeff. After several weeks of sessions together, small mountains began to shift—then larger and larger ones. Finally, his relationship with this other person changed completely, and they were then able to work together on projects in an amicable way. He couldn’t believe it. He is now enjoying a fulfilling professional life that has positively impacted every other area of his life. He has no interest in retiring but instead continues to add tremendous value to the community.

Here’s what he wrote to me:


When we first met, I was frustrated and unhappy. I wanted help to change that. I wanted an approach, a program that would have lasting results. I have gotten that and more. I find our sessions and your coaching to be energizing and exciting. With your help, I have begun to see my true self and to know how to tap into who I am. Call it vibrating at a higher level or pure positivity; it’s powerful. I can’t wait to find out what’s next.

Thank you,


P.S. I’m also looking forward to continuing our journey. You’ve been a tremendous help already and I can’t wait to take on the next challenge.”

You can hear from Jeff himself in the interview above or on my website.


Rebecca C.: Elevating Energy to Overcome Mountains 

How about Rebecca C.?

Rebecca must have had some faith buried deep inside because she hired me while she was without work. She had been the COO of several companies and a high-paid consultant prior to being unemployed. Before we connected, work had run dry, and she struggled to find a new COO position during a worldwide pandemic that impacted the economy. She was also living alone and wasn’t taking great care of herself.

After a bit of time together, she learned to start elevating herself, and things began to shift. Family members showed loving support. She began to date again. As small things improved, she kept practicing what I shared. We continued to go deeper and deeper into the teachings. Almost miraculously, after months of working through this material, she announced during our Stressless Success Monthly Masterclass that she landed a coveted COO position with a company she truly admired. Not only that, but she was hired to consult with another company and began dating a great guy that seemed to be hitting the mark across the board!

Here’s what she wrote to me:

“You are so sweet and kind! Your teachings and coaching have helped me get on this path of elevating energy! Again, I can’t thank you enough!

I feel so incredibly abundant these days, a HUGE part of it, thanks to you! I have been feeling the shift not only with work/career but also with relationships (family, friends and a “new/old” someone who has re-entered my life late 2020).

Your teachings on elevating energy and impact in anything and everything we do were the catalyst that sparked the way for moving forward. I love your story about patience and not settling for ‘good enough’! I’ve also viewed Covid as the time to allow me to work on myself plus learn where I would not have had the time or taken the time to learn due to ‘busyness’. It’s been a blessing for me as well. Each time I received an email about your growing business I am ELATED and OVERJOYED for you- you are living your teachings at it shows! The underlying premise is to elevate our energy so we can be our best selves, a continuous improvement process, and by doing so, we can live our purpose while hopefully making the world a little better in the process for those we might help, inspire, and elevate!”


Businesses Can Move Mountains, Too

Can this concept also work with businesses?

Oh my, yes!

One business invited me to speak to their salespeople, as sales had fallen over 50% and plateaued for many months. I talked to the team for several hours and came back two weeks later to follow up.

During those two weeks, sales skyrocketed in the middle of an economic downturn. Did things change in the economy or government during this time? No—the things they couldn’t control around them stayed the same. What changed was the salespeople. As soon as they began to make the shift, almost miraculously, everything around them began to change.

It’s time to allow these ideas to move mountains and create miracles in your life. You may not believe it, but if Jeff and Rebecca can do this, so can you. To learn more about my teachings and how I can work with you to move your impossible mountains, contact me for a complimentary 1:1 strategy session.