Do similar situations and frustrations tend to repeat themselves in your life? 

Are you blocked from getting past particular challenges or limitations that have been weighing you down for a long time?

Can you see the potential of your future but are unable to move forward and experience greater success and joy? 

This article is for you. Here, you’ll find the answer you’ve been seeking. 

For several years, I’ve written and spoken about the importance of your energy. I’m not just talking about physical energy. I’m referring to the energy vibration that is generated within you and emanates from you. The level of your energy vibration depends on many things, including your well-being (how rested, nourished, and hydrated you are), your thoughts and feelings, and your overall lifestyle. This combination of physical and emotional feelings determines your energy vibration — the more expansive and free you feel, the more successful and fulfilling your life will be. My best-selling book, Stressless Success: The Surprising Secrets to a Life of Passion, Purpose, and Prosperity, goes into great detail about this. 

Your Energy Today is Often the Energy of Yesterday

Your energy truly creates your reality. It’s important to be aware that the energy you feel today is often the same energy as your past, which you then project into the future. If you aren’t satisfied with your current reality but generate the same energy as your past, you’ll continue to create more of the same energy moving forward. Reliving your past, or having the same energy of who you once were, leads to the same outcome for your life, and then you wonder why you’re stuck. If you continue to be the same person today as you were yesterday, things in your life won’t change or improve. 

The same thoughts and feelings that determine your energy level are actually habits you choose year after year, resulting in the same outcome. You likely have been the same way for so long that your thoughts and feelings have become automatic, and you don’t notice that you’ve fallen into a negative pattern. Becoming stagnant — stuck in the same place you’ve always been —leads to frustration and exhaustion.

Your life will only change and improve once you change your energy. 

Change Your Energy to Change Your Life

Many people claim that you can’t change your past, but I say that you can. How? By changing the energy of your past. Living with old feelings, or restricted energy, blocks you from creating higher-level feelings of hope and possibility, limiting what you can create for the future. Once you begin to change the energy of your past and elevate your present energy, you’ll change who you are today, which changes your tomorrow for the better. 

There’s a shift that needs to happen to change your feelings and energy today so that you have a brighter tomorrow. You first must become more self-aware. Once you have more awareness of how you feel and how that affects your energy, relax — stress and struggle have no place in your life. Finally, cultivate the ability to self-correct, using your thoughts and feelings to “rewrite” who you are now and who will become in the future. Below, I’ve outlined four steps to help guide you through this process. 

  1. Learn to assess the energy that you are generating within yourself. Begin to evaluate this on a scale from 1 – 10, with 10 being the highest vibration energy you feel is possible for you at this time in your life. Are you emanating an energy of lack and limitations, or are you vibrating with hope and anticipation?
  2. Become more aware of habitual beliefs and feelings that hamper your energy. Shedding the light of awareness onto them will enable them to begin to change. Awareness of how old thoughts and feelings are wearing you down and keeping you from what you want to create in your life is the first step to changing them.
  3. Begin to determine what thoughts and feelings you could choose instead. Play around with this. If you can’t think of a thought that feels better, then do anything that makes you feel better. Appreciate the wonderful things you have in your life now, dance, sing, and celebrate.
  4. Visualize and get the feeling that you are already who you want to be. This practice will take away focus from who you used to be and will give the new you more energy. What does it feel like to be a new and greater version of you? 

Don’t wait another day to change because even the slightest shift you make today will profoundly impact your tomorrow. By changing your energy, you change who you are, and that’s the only way to truly change your life for the better. 

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