Have you ever known someone who seems to get everything they want without even trying? Meanwhile, you’re striving and struggling just to get by and have never felt that you’ve been lucky in love or life.

Many believe there is no such thing as “true luck.” Instead, they state that you must become smarter to:


I’m sure you’ve seen this acronym before, but I don’t agree.

How is it that you’ve learned from experts on success, love, and happiness, but you haven’t been able to achieve the success you desire? Maybe it’s not only knowledge but something else.

I’ve shared my great discoveries on the power of your energy, which comes from your feelings and not necessarily your thoughts, to create a better life. However, I recently gained a deeper understanding of my very own teachings to share with you. 

Your Energy Influences Your Luck

One of my coaching clients had been working hard at his job with a highly respected company and experiencing tremendous success. He accomplished this by applying his knowledge of energy coupled with his skills. Because he’s so respected in this position, my client was responsible for taking on a leadership role and training new hires.  

He soon became frustrated, though. While he was working so hard to generate leads for the company, a newer employee with less experience and skill was given incoming leads from around the world. His supervisors apparently thought the new employee needed more help than the rest of the sales team. 

At first, it seemed “fine,” but the frustration within my client grew as he continued to work hard while the other employee easily exceeded his quota with no effort. 

“This is so unfair,” my client shared. But since I understand how the power of your energy influences the outcome of your life, I dug deeper for the truth. Everything is energy, so was the situation truly “unfair,” or was energy at play? 

I asked him to describe the new employee’s personality and attitude. He replied that the employee is always positive and happy. He never seemed to worry, and he knew how to go with the flow. Aha! There’s the secret. 

While everyone else was striving and struggling, the new employee was more at ease and soon attracted more success in his professional life. This isn’t to say that you should sit back and expect things to be handed to you. Clearly, this employee wants to be a part of this great company and comes to work early each day with a hopeful attitude. His energy was more expanded than those who were stressing and struggling. Even though he was not as skillful or knowledgeable, his energy was such that opportunities flowed right into his lap. 

Was this just coincidence or serendipity? Maybe these are considered aspects of luck, but they’re also a result of your own creation. What appears to happen around you miraculously is just a reflection of what is going on inside of you. 

This was when it clicked for me that it’s not about knowledge but energy. It’s about taking action (motion) fueled by positivity. We shouldn’t be laboring under correct knowledge but laboring under correct kinetics


Here, kinetics represents the laws of motion. Luck is simply about taking positive energy-fueled action. Take action from energy that is light and expansive, joyful and hopeful. 

5 Steps for Allowing Luck in Your Life

Consider how you are moving through life. Are you allowing luck to come to you, or are you blocking it by building walls of resistance through stress? Are you scraping and clawing, or are you dancing and flowing?

People laugh when I tell them that I start my day dancing around my house to a great tune while getting ready for work. I say, let them laugh because laughter feels good!

To become luckier:

  1. Think about a time when you were lucky or seemed to be in the right place at the right time.
  2. Recall how you were feeling before this moment of good luck. 
  3. Learn to be more aware of what you’re creating, knowing that your feelings generate an energy that affects your outcome. 
  4. Recognize how lucky you truly are already with what you have. 
  5. Find ways to recreate that fun and lucky feeling every day.

As soon as you realize how lucky you are in your life, you will experience more luck in your life. – Janet Mckee

With all that is happening in the world right now, this skill is about to become more important than you could ever imagine. It’s time to stop worrying and complaining. Learn to let go of the struggle, no matter what’s going on around you. Appreciate all you have in your life and how lucky you already are. And remember to dance and sing.

If you would like to enjoy more luck (and thus success) in your life, set up a free one-on-one strategy session or explore other resources on my blog.

Lots of love and luck to you! 

– Janet