Are you still suffering over something that happened in the past? Are you dealing with thoughts and feelings of regret, guilt, shame, anger, hurt, or frustration? Do you feel hopeless of ever reaching a better place in life because you are holding on to memories of events that you feel you can’t change? Well, I’m here to tell you that you can change the past. It’s a matter of shifting your mind—thoughts and feelings—from a negative to a positive space. You create your life from the energy that emanates from you. So, once you change the energy of your past, you not only feel better now, but you begin to change your future for the better.

From Negative to Neutral

This process of changing the past begins with acceptance, which takes you from a negative to a neutral headspace or state of feeling (energy). Remember—the past is gone. We torture ourselves by fixating on something that no longer exists anywhere but in our own memories. Studies have shown that we can actually alter our own memories to fit the negative narrative in our minds. Acceptance begins by acknowledging that yes, whatever you’re struggling with did happen, but it’s gone now.

From Neutral to Positive

Next, present yourself with a series of questions:

  • What did this challenge from my past show or teach me?
  • How have I become stronger and wiser because of this?
  • What good has come from this?

As a success coach, I believe wholeheartedly that our challenges teach us valuable lessons that give us strength and wisdom. When you’re able to realize or recount each benefit, even the subtle ones, you begin to appreciate the past. Even if someone hurt you, a benefit could be that you learned compassion for their shortcomings. Notice how this new way of viewing your past helps you feel better; that feeling is the key to making the shift.

Help Yourself and Change the Past

When you change your viewpoint and attitude about the past, the energy inside of you begins to shift from low levels of negativity, through neutral, and into higher levels of positivity. This high energy state is brought on by (and perpetuates) feelings of acceptance, understanding, hope, faith, trust, and positive expectations. The more you’re able to live your life with positive thoughts and feelings, the more your perception of your past will change, and the more amazing your life will become. 

Like I said earlier — the past doesn’t exist anymore, only our perception or memory of it does, and you can change that to heal old wounds. In the words of Shakespeare,  “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” He had it half right! Thinking and feeling make it so.

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