In my most recent article, I explained how you can turn problems into possibilities that lead to prosperity. When you learn to hone your skills of resilience, you can find yourself discovering solutions with ease. When you stop struggling against situations in life, you open yourself up to possibilities, and solutions arise in the most miraculous ways.

A Personal Experience: Winery Café Development Challenge

Recently, I faced a very serious concern over a critical piece of our winery café development project, which put a significant portion of our business at risk. After experiencing the stress and concern over this unexpected development, I decided to put my discovery to use and let go of the struggle. By accepting the situation and releasing the fear and worry, I opened myself up to solutions with hope, faith, and positive anticipation.

At one point, I simply walked away from it mentally and emotionally, trusting that I would resolve this issue eventually as I’ve done many times before. After doing so, I met someone in a very unexpected place who was an expert in the very specific unusual circumstance I was facing. This person was so knowledgeable and helpful that he gave me the information and confidence I needed to press forward toward success. He literally laid out the precise plan for how I was to move forward to resolve the issue and I followed that plan to the finish line. How exhilarating!

The Power of Openness and Energy

It was stunning, even to me, that God or the Universe (or whatever you believe) would put this very expert in my path at the very moment I needed him the most. He truly had expertise in something uncommon and something that most of us would never face. How can this be?

This happens because of my understanding that everything is energy and that we create our lives from the energetic feelings that we emit. It’s not just our thoughts, as my thoughts were mostly of worry and fear. By not hanging on to the fear and releasing its hold on me, I felt lighter and more open. I felt this way because I was.

When you are more open to possibilities, solutions walk in. This person not only offered me a solution, but he also became a dear and close friend that I still spend time with many months later. How truly fulfilling in many unexpected ways.

Creating Miraculous Outcomes in Your Life

How can you too create miraculous outcomes in your life? The key is not to wait for a problem to arise to practice your skills in using your energy to resolve them. The true secret to a more successful and fulfilling life is to live more from an open energetic state of being, allowing all aspects of life to flow, not just solutions to your problems.

1. Take Incredible Care of Yourself

Get rest and live healthfully so that you have the energy and vitality to deal with all things that occur in your life.

2. Find Your Place of Peace and Joy

Where is that for you? Go there often in your mind’s eye until you can feel these uplifted feelings flow through you and from you. Practice so much it becomes second nature, like tying your shoe. I experience mine during quiet meditation or being in nature or remembering being at the open and expansive beach of my Marco Island condo. It is fun to practice those feelings often.

3. Start Your Day in a Place of Upliftment

Revisit this place every hour and especially when something unexpected occurs that attempts to throw you off course. The more you practice, the stronger you will be at this, and soon you can go there often without thought. This is a very important point because all thoughts have resistance, but energy can flow no matter what your thoughts are telling you.

4. Do Mundane Tasks with Passion and Purpose

Once you’ve done the steps above, this final step becomes possible. When you feel more uplifted generally, you begin to do things that used to feel mundane with greater passion and purpose. And when you do, watch out. Not only does it simply feel better to do so, but more amazing things will also begin to occur for you, and your life becomes more successful and fulfilling overall.

About the Author: Janet McKee

Janet McKee, speaker, best-selling author, and the dynamic CEO of SanaView, stands as a visionary leader in the realms of high achievement, success, abundance, and the art of creating a life filled with unparalleled joy and fulfillment.

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