Don’t Get Sad, Get Angry!

Don’t Get Sad, Get Angry!

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This week on our podcast we are talking about why you should turn your sadness and frustration into a little bit of anger. Now wait, before you go out and get all angry, there’s more to it than that!

My father is always there to stick by my side through thick and thin. Sometimes I call him and commiserate over some situation that occurred in my life that would cause me to feel down. He always listened and then responded with, “Don’t get sad, get angry.” I would say, “Ok Dad. Thank you for your advice,” even though I never quite understood why he was telling me to get angry. Anger seems like a negative feeling to choose and even though I understood the essence of him wanting me to stand up and fight, I still was opposed to feeding negativity.

Well, it wasn’t until recently, as I was doing research for my upcoming book titled “Stressless Success” that I realized that anger is actually a far better state of mind than hopelessness or defeat. Anger can actually fuel positive action if we use it as inspiration to overcome adversity. Anger turned into determination is actually a higher vibration energy than sadness, as it can work to fuel you to make the changes you need in your life.

As I write my book about how diminishing stress is the key to allowing in more solutions and opportunities for success, I began to realize that there are two different types of stress – positive stress and negative stress. Negative stress is the type of stress that wears us down and creates all sorts of health challenges, both emotionally and physically. It is resistance to life the type of stress that blocks us from allowing in the very creative ideas that uncover solutions. Positive stress, however, is the type of stress that fuels us to create solutions.

Nathan, my son, and I learned the meaning behind, “Don’t Get Sad Get Angry” this past month. In times of desperation, anger can actually fuel our passion to create a better future. The key is to focus your energy on the solution instead of on the problem. Find out more from our own quirky life challenges by listening to our latest podcast!

Life sure is exciting.


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About the Author

Janet McKee, Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Wellness Expert,  High Performance™ Success Coach, and CEO of SanaView, is on a mission to inspire and teach you proven and effective ways to Embrace a Better Life; a life that is richer, happier, healthier, and more fulfilling.

After experiencing tremendous success in the corporate environment and obtaining her MBA from the University of Pittsburgh, Ms. McKee became passionate about helping others. She pursued a wellness degree with a school affiliated with Columbia University, was then selected to be one of only 200 in the world certified in High Performance™ with the High Performance Institute, and has been awarded membership into the National Association of Experts, Writers, and Speakers.

Ms. McKee and her partner, Bob Eckle, are the creators of the innovative and acclaimed Accelerated High Performance Program and emPower3 retreats designed to help you Fuel You Passion, Positivity, and Purpose.

Ms. McKee wrote a recipe book titled, “Fabulous Recipes for Vibrant Health,” co-authored a best-selling book with success legend, Brian Tracy and other experts titled, “Ready, Set, Go!”, and is completing her new book titled, “Stressless Success.”

Whether you consult with Ms. McKee directly or hire her to speak to your organization, you will learn her proven methods to achieve greater levels of energy, joy, confidence, and success. To learn more visit and She can be reached at (724) 417-6695 or