Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation that appears to be bad, and you have a lot of deep emotion around it. You may wonder if there’s anything you can do to turn things around, or you might fear that everything you’ve worked for is lost. 

No matter how bad things seem to be, you have more power over them than you know

The things that are important to you will generate strong emotion within you, creating resistance. For example, wanting a great parking spot at the grocery store doesn’t produce as much emotion and internal resistance as desperately wanting to fall in love or make enough money to cover your bills does. 

Unfortunately, the resistance you feel will only block solutions or opportunities from coming to you or create a less-than-ideal outcome. This is why the things we want so badly often take a long time to arrive or never arrive at all. But extreme emotion or desire can fuel change and positive action if used in the right way. Positively fueled desire is far better than indifference or even hopelessness.

When I hit rock bottom in my own life, I got so deep in my emotions that the rage I felt and the desire to overcome my current situation fueled me to seek answers. I finally said, “I know I’m better than this,” and became fully committed to doing everything in my power to rise above what appeared to be a hopeless situation. I learned how to move seemingly impossible mountains. Little did I know that this turning point would lead me to incredible discoveries on living a more prosperous life! And now, I’m committed to sharing these findings with you. 

Consider the Alternative Perspectives

We all tend to attach negative meaning to situations, especially when we feel we have no control. We view challenges as “bad” without considering that there may be another vantage point or attitude that we can take. Someone cuts us off as we’re driving down the highway, and it makes us angry. But what if that person is speeding to see a loved one who was rushed to the hospital? We don’t know both sides to every story, and we often generate negative energy when we make wrong assumptions. 

The energy we generate within us affects OUR LIVES, not theirs. 

If you live in anger or frustration over another person’s actions, it hurts you, not them. It harms your energy vibration and, in turn, negatively impacts your life. What if, in that moment of negative emotion, you could stand back and give yourself breathing room to take back your power?

Take my client, Nate, for example. He was shocked and upset to learn that his boss, someone he liked, was fired. We knew that it couldn’t be good for Nate to feel resentful and generate negative energy around his job or employer, so we instead chose to focus on one question: “What good may come of this?” By reflecting on the current situation through this lens, he began to accept it. Even though those feelings were far from joy, he found relief when releasing the resistance created by that experience. 

Until someone filled his former boss’s role, Nate stepped up to assist newer employees. He demonstrated his tremendous leadership skills, which he wasn’t necessarily able to do under his superior. Now, management is considering him for a huge promotion. What appeared to be “bad” was incredibly good — the outcome reflects him and his improved inner energy. 

Reframing the “Old” You 

Any situation you are facing today results from the “old” you and the energy your former self generated and emanated. Realize that every current outcome reflects your prior energy, and then you’ll also realize that each new moment has within it the opportunity to create a better result. As things occur, don’t beat yourself up for creating something that appears to be “bad” — instead, ask yourself, “What was it inside of me that contributed to this moment?”

Are you courageous enough to acknowledge that your energy played a role? 

When I think back on my own life, I realize that my energy played a role in all of the hardships I faced and overcame with a slight shift. The debilitating health challenges that led me to search for answers, resulting in better health than I ever expected. The moment my husband of 26 years walking out on me and our son and left us heartbroken and financially vulnerable, to now living a life of incredible abundance and joy. My “bad” experiences actually ended up being very good things. 

You perceive your life and the world around you based on your mental programs and attitudes. These affect the way you feel, which creates the energy you emanate. When you rewrite your inner programs, you begin to rewrite your life. When you do, you will find that you become more resilient, eliminating resistance in any situation.

Develop Resilience to Achieve Success 

Resilience, the art of bouncing back from adversity, is a key skill that not only improves your life but empowers you to live a truly successful life. We’ve all heard stories, mine included, of people rising above their challenges and limitations to become successful, happy, or healthy against all odds. But resilience is something to be practiced daily. It helps you create a better life by giving you the ability to regroup, shift your energy to a higher level, and influence the outcome of your situation. 

When you truly believe that the universe or God is looking out for you and knows what’s best for you, you’re able to take challenges in stride. In recognizing this and having faith when something hits hard, you can shift your energy and bounce back quickly to higher ground.

So how do you turn around any situation? The key is to shift what is going on inside of you, and everything else around you will shift. Here are four steps to shifting your inner energy and breaking down walls of resistance. 

  • Notice how you feel about a situation. Are you viewing something as “bad” without knowing what is truly happening? Recognize that even when you are trying to think positive thoughts, you may be feeling low-vibe negative energies. It’s not about your thoughts as much as it’s about the way you feel. This difference is very important.
  • Don’t fight against or try to eliminate negative thoughts or emotions. Resisting directs your focus onto these thoughts and emotions, giving them more power. Instead, accept them and forgive yourself. Imagine rising above the chaos of your life and floating amongst the clouds. Release any tension you feel.
  • Focus your attention on anything that makes you feel better or, at a minimum, gets you to a more neutral place.
  • Deliberately and intentionally practice being at a more elevated and expanded state of energy. This is where true miracles happen.  

The more resilient you train your mind to be, the less stress you’ll experience, which will lead to a better life with more success. Explore other resources for shifting your energy and living a life of success on my blog, or set up a free one-on-one strategy session to learn how you can knock down your walls of resistance and create a new reality for yourself.