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Energize and empower yourself by understanding that everything is energy.

Once you understand that everything is energy, you can stop feeling like a victim of outside circumstances and regain your personal power to create a successful life.

Researchers have discovered that within every atom, nothing is solid, and in fact, everything at the sub-atomic level is actually energy. They also have begun to uncover that the focus of your thoughts and feelings creates an energy that emanates from you, which affects the reality around you. Why does that matter to you? 

I’ve discovered that this energy gives you more power over the outcome of your life than you may have ever imagined before. Everything in your life is a reflection of the energy that you give off. The more you elevate and expand your energy (or the way you feel), the more you elevate and expand your life, leading to greater success levels. Once you recognize this, you’ll want to start enhancing, uplifting and expanding your energy.

If this is all too much to take in here, grab a copy of my latest best-selling book, Stressless Success: The Surprising Secret to a Life of Passion, Purpose and Prosperity. In the book, I take you by the hand and teach you these life-changing principles in a way that you can begin to incorporate now for immediate results. 

The point is that you have more power within you than you ever thought before to create a successful life, both personally and professionally, with ease instead of stress.

Achieve Your Goals with Ease, Not Stress

You know, or maybe just believe, that you will be happier or feel better once you achieve your goals. Because of this, you also know that your goals reside at these elevated places that you must climb and push to reach. But instead of stressing and struggling to reach those goals so that you can someday be happy, you need to elevate and expand the way you feel now. As you do this, your energy, clarity, confidence and positive energy will bring those goals to you quicker and with ease.

When you live in the gap between where you are now and where you believe your goals reside in the distant future, you’re living in an uncomfortable feeling (or energy) of lack. To bring those goals to fruition, you must do things to elevate your energetic level now. The key is to feel happy and fulfilled at this moment, and then the goal will more easily be achieved.

I know you’re thinking, “Well, that sounds great, Janet, but how the heck do you do this?”

The first step is to build a foundation of a high-energy life — a foundation of wellness.

You wouldn’t build a house on toothpicks—you’d want to establish a strong foundation for your home. It’s the first critical step toward success.

I know about all of this, as I personally experience it. I started to burn myself out, relying on caffeine and indulging in simple sugar and processed flour often, depleting my adrenal glands. I know what it’s like to feel fabulous, so I knew something was out of balance within me when I wasn’t feeling that way anymore.

I decided it was time to put myself through a reset—a detox and rejuvenation of my mind and body—because I know the way I feel is critical for living a successful life both personally and professionally. How will you achieve all that you want in your life if you’re exhausted, depleted, and lacking motivation and inner joy? How can you have a great life if you’re not taking great care of yourself? You can’t.

I decided to share a recent video I did for my Live Group Stressless Success Monthly Masterclass with you that addresses this. In my video, I inspire you to be your best by educating you on how your energy creates your reality and how wellness is the foundation of a high-energy life.  

Establishing a Wellness Foundation for a High-Energy Life 

What are you feeding your mind and body? Begin by eliminating all of the things that deplete your energy and instead begin to take immaculate care of yourself by:

  1. Doing something positive and uplifting before bed
  2. Making high-quality rest a priority by getting to bed early
  3. Drinking plenty of fresh water, herbal teas, and fresh-pressed vegetable juices 
  4. Eating pure, energizing foods that are grown naturally 
  5. Moving your body and breathing fresh air 
  6. Choosing thoughts that FEEL better
  7. Living your life with purpose (Contact me to find out how!)


It’s almost too simple — do things throughout the day to re-energize your mind and body so that you end the day feeling even better than you began.

Your body knows how to detoxify and has within it amazing detoxification organs and mechanisms. When you do the list above, you encourage your body’s natural abilities to detoxify and rejuvenate. If you need some accountability along the way, check out my life-changing 21 Day Delightful Detox Program, where I teach you how to live every day with passion and care for your God-given mind and body. Spring is coming, so now is the perfect time to detox from toxic things such as bad foods, negative news, and negative people. 

Clear Your Pathways to Success

Now that we’ve discussed how your thoughts and feelings together create an energy that dictates your reality, let me ask you this…

What does wealth feel like?

What does health feel like?

What does success feel like?

Wealth, health, and success don’t just come from your thoughts — you’ve also got to feel them. If you have trouble feeling them, think, can you feel love? What does this love feel like? How can you apply it to your wealth? Your health? Your success? Just focusing on something or someone you love or appreciate will elevate your energy, and success will flow to you. 

It’s time to clear a pathway to success by clearing out the old and bringing in fresh feelings of energy and empowerment. To help you on your journey, I’m offering a free 30-day trial to my Stressless Success Monthly Masterclass! In this program, we’ll do a deep dive into all areas of your life to find clarity on exactly what you need to do to create the life of your dreams with ease.