You deserve to live a life that isn’t consumed by worry, stress, and fear. The energy those feelings generate will only create more of the same. You are a magnet to the feelings (not the thoughts) that emanate from you. Whatever you give out, you get back, and when you live in a constant state of worry, you create more reasons to worry, and soon, you feel like a victim—helpless to your environment.

Help Yourself Create a Better Life

It’s time to take back your power and create a better life. It’s actually far simpler than what others may teach you. All it takes is deliberate intention to change the way you feel and act based on those better feeling energies. 

Make the choice now, and don’t waste another minute.

We worry and stress about things because we inherently believe that by worrying, we somehow protect ourselves. But that’s not true! Worry and stress actually build walls of resistance all around you, and working against those walls wears you out. In reality, walls of worry “protect” or block you from the very inspiration and solutions you need the most. Ultimately, they block you from living a life of ultimate freedom and joy.

It’s time to outgrow complaining and worrying.

Stop struggling. Surrender to the situation and relax into a better-feeling energy. As you do, you will soon watch your problems dissolve. Solutions and unexpected opportunities will begin to flow toward you with ease.

Possibilities Feel Better Than Problems

All it takes is deliberate intention and positive action. Don’t try to control all of your thoughts. Control is just another way of creating struggle within you. You need to get to a better feeling place. Notice how focusing on a problem feels uncomfortable and restrictive. Instead, test out how it feels to open yourself up to possible solutions.

If you can’t feel better yet when you are focusing on a situation, then first learn to surrender to it. Walk away for a while, and do everything and anything you can to feel better. Personally, I love to pray, meditate, dance, and sing to uplifting music and spend time immersing myself in the feelings of appreciation and gratitude for all that is wonderful in my life. This includes every small thing that we tend to take for granted as well as the larger things.

Feel your energy soften, then open, elevate, and expand. What does it feel like to imagine that you are a bird in flight? Live within this kind of energy and watch your life unfold in miraculous ways.

Meet Your Success Coach, Janet McKee

I teach people the science behind this method and how to practice it. My desire for you is success, and I will stand by you until you are truly living a life of stressless success. 

Reach out today and join me either in private one-on-one consulting or live group coaching. You can also bring me into your organization to empower your team with making the Stressless Success Shift™. 

The outcomes are guaranteed to amaze you.