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If this is true that your beliefs create your reality, then what do you currently believe?

What we’re talking about today is incredibly POWERFUL. Our beliefs impact just about everything in our lives. Becoming aware of our beliefs is the first real step in achieving our dreams. Because when we shed the light of awareness onto our hidden beliefs, we can identify which ones need to change to support our lives in a positive way.

What I’m teaching here is the culmination of years of study with a variety of world masters on the subjects of motivation, positive thinking and abundance. As I mentioned last time, I found that each teacher had a really yummy morsel of wisdom to share but it is only through the process of combining these various morsels into a delicious and satisfying recipe that it began to have a significant impact on my life and the lives of my clients and workshop attendees. It is the combination of these various teachings in a way that makes sense that truly affects our lives in an enduring and positive way.

These are the types of things we are going to teach you on our SanaView Facebook Live videos and on our blog and on our SanaView YouTube channel every week. We are going to teach you important things that you can begin to do NOW to lift up your spirits so that you can improve your life.

If you haven’t yet seen our previous film in this series, please visit our SanaView YouTube channel and watch “This is for You”. That film is our first teaching in a series. In that first video, I asked you to choose three words that describe your best self. This is a brilliant teaching from Brendon Burchard, my high performance teacher and mentor. I love this simple tool that reminds me several times a day to be my best self.

As a result of that video, I got many responses from our followers of words they chose. We had Bridget who chose joyful, loving, empowered and compassionate. She actually chose four words. Awesome, Bridget! We also had Cindy who chose energetic, happy and thin. Interesting and quite brilliant, I may say, that she chose the word thin to describe how she wants to be as her best self. Brad chose encouraging, compassionate and engaging and mine are peaceful, joyful, and enthusiastic. How amazing it is to set these words up as an alarm on your smart phone or to post them where you can be reminded of them several times a day. No matter what I am doing or how I am feeling, when my alarm goes off and I see these words, my mood shifts to a more positive outlook and I seek for ways to be my best self.

Prior to that previous video, we filmed a video about the most important thing you need to know to reach your goals. So be sure to watch that too, on our YouTube channel.

In that video, I touch upon, at a high level, all of the very important things you need to reach your goals. We are now going deeper into those various concepts. So get out your shovel, and get ready to dig. You can tell I am also a farmer.

Many people set goals in their life, especially at the beginning of the year.
What goals do you have for your life? Do you have some short-term or long-term goals? Have there been goals that you seem to try to set often but you give up and you just don’t seem to follow through?

Ok, so why haven’t’ they happened?

The first step is to look at your beliefs.
What do you believe about yourself?
What labels to you put on yourself?

Do you tell yourself things like “I’m too fat, I’m too skinny, I’m too old, I’m not smart enough, money is not available to me no matter how hard I try, I will always be broke, I’m not lovable, I’m sick or I have this illness.” OR, do you say, “I’m getting healthier every day, I’m grateful for the money I do have, I’m often brave, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished and look forward to doing more great work in the world?”

What you believe makes you who you are and what you identify with is what you become. Your life is a reflection of what you believe.

So let’s first become aware of your beliefs. Let’s bring them out into the light. Awareness is the first step to being able to change your beliefs from limiting beliefs to ones that support you in reaching your goals.

I’ve told you before the story of my hemp rug at our farmhouse. One rainy summer, the folks who were renting my farmhouse went away for the entire month of July and closed up the house very tight. It rained every day that July so it was very humid. When they returned in August, we found that the hemp rug got moldy. So, in an effort to eliminate the mold, I read online that if you put the rug out into the sunlight, the mold will dissolve.

This is the same thing that we are going to do with our old moldy beliefs that simply no longer support us. We are going to put them out into the light of awareness so that they can begin to change.

We think our beliefs keep us safe but they actually limit us and hold us back. We worry that if we think we are loveable and nobody loves us, then this will be far more painful that just believing we are not loveable to begin with. If we think we can never succeed then it is far easier for us not to try than to try and fail. Meanwhile, what is happening is that by believing we are not loveable, we block love from flowing into our lives. By believing we are not capable or not worthy of success, we never try. How can good things happen if we never even try?

Isn’t it far worse to never try? What if something great comes from trying or believing the best? The concept that I want you to realize throughout this series is that by having the positive thoughts, good things will come of it. Trust me.

What if you believed you are lovable or believed you are worthy?
What if you believed you are getting healthier ever minute of every day? Only good can come of this.

Beliefs are so powerful. You all know the sad story of the doctor telling the patient he only has 6 months left to live. What happens? At almost exactly 6 months, the patient dies. And everyone thinks the doctor was right! I don’t buy into that at all. I work with a medical doctor who after being told he was diagnosed with stage four cancer and went through all kinds of treatment, he was told it failed and he had two months left to live. He and his wife did not buy into this belief. His wife dragged him off to an institute that taught the same things I teach about food and lifestyle and it’s now 17 years later and he is still alive and well.

What about my client, Sherina, who had advanced lung cancer and was told she only had a few months left to live? She came to see me and after speaking with her at length, she decided not to buy into that belief and started on the eating and lifestyle program I recommended. It is about eight years later and she is cancer free and living a vibrant life. See a video of Sherina on our SanaView YouTube channel.


Look at my son who was doing great in school and then something happened and soon enough he got this belief that he was not good in math. Do you know it has been scientifically proven that it is not true that someone can’t do math or is not creative etc…? These are just beliefs that we grab onto and they become our reality.

I have very successful high performance coaching client who has over 600 videos on Youtube and lots of followers who needs to double his income because of changes in his family. He actually said to me that he has been doing these videos for free for so long that nobody is going to want to pay him for what he teaches! Do you think he is going to be able to double his income with a belief like this? When actually, he has given so much to the world that he is past due to have a great deal flow back to him.

I have another high performance coaching client who has MS. He has a goal that he wants to bring in a wonderful relationship into his life. He told me that he used to walk into a room and if he saw a woman that he liked, he knew that in time he could begin to date her. Now with this illness where he walks with a cane, he no longer believes that someone would like to go out with him.

Meanwhile, he is a kind and honest and motivated man who is doing great things to focus on his health and therefore, has so much to offer a woman. And, if you watch our film, “Bethany’s Story”, you will learn that it is oh so possible for him to halt and even reverse his health challenge.

When you go the grocery store, you take the time to choose the nicest looking produce and is the freshest that you can buy for a good value. We take the time to make sure that we are careful with how we spend our hard earned money. Why don’t we take this care and thought over the beliefs that we buy into? Many say, “well these beliefs are free and we don’t actually pay for them.” I say, “these limiting beliefs are actually far more expensive than anything you can buy with your money.” What does it cost you to have limiting beliefs about your worth, or about your ability to attract love into your life, or about your health? Beliefs are priceless.

How long have you had this belief? The longer you’ve identified with a certain belief the stronger hold it has on you.

What beliefs do you want to have? Write those down. How long have you had this belief? Write that down too.

I like to think about a muscle that needs to be worked to get stronger. Think about your brain muscle and begin to flex your positive belief muscle in your brain to make it stronger. Do this by deliberately working it. By deliberately saying to yourself words or statements that strengthen your positive beliefs, often, you will overcome any strong limiting belief that has had a hold on you for a very long time.

If you think back, there was probably already a time in your life when you overcame a limiting belief or chose not to buy into something you were told. When in your life did you overcome a damaging belief? Think about this and write this down. Now keep this in your memory and remember how you can overcome limiting thoughts and beliefs. You’ve done it before and it is easy.

I know this in my own life as I learned to overcome my autoimmune disease after the doctors gave me no hope.

Ok, I’m a farmer, right? Let’s plant a seed in your brain and let’s give it lots of great organic fertilizer to watch it grow. The bad beliefs are like weeds, let’s pull those out.

How do you nourish your good beliefs?
Keep telling yourself better thoughts every day and often throughout the day. Keep feeding your mind the thoughts and beliefs that support you in achieving your goals. Be patient, trust, and have faith in your ability to change your beliefs

So, your goals must align with your beliefs in order for you to achieve your goals.
Your new goal, then, is to have new beliefs and to cultivate new and better beliefs that support you in living a better life.

What I am telling you here is not something new. Napoleon Hill was known for writing in his book, “Think and Grow Rich” that he wrote back in 1937, “Whatever the mind of a man can:

BELIEVE it can

What happens is in our mind, we hear if we conceive of a dream, we can achieve it. We tend to skim over the believe part. We think that if we conceive of earning a million dollars we should be able to achieve it. What is missing is the focus on our beliefs. I like to look at this as a sandwich where “conceive” and “achieve” are the pieces of bread but real “meat” of the sandwich, or the nourishment, is in the middle. Or, since I like to teach people about eating their plant foods, I would say the lettuce and tomato and avocado and sprouts and cucumber, which is the best part of the sandwich, is the part that truly nourishes us.

As Marissa Peer has been known to say, “whatever you tell your mind, it will believe.” What are you telling your mind? She recommends thinking back to the day you were born. What were your beliefs? You had no preconceived beliefs. Your mind was a clean slate. What would you tell yourself now if you were speaking to yourself as a newborn baby?

Imagine yourself now many years from now. What would your future self tell you on this very day. Would you tell yourself that you are loved, that you are amazing, to believe in yourself and go for it, because you have nothing to lose. You have nothing to lose except for the pride from knowing that you never tried. Everything is available to you.  It is based on your beliefs.

Next time, we are going to look at where our beliefs come from and how we develop patterns in our lives. We will talk about how to begin breaking these patterns so that we stop repeating things that hold us back.

Don’t let fear get in the way. Learn to have more courage. To help you deal with and eliminate fear and develop more courage, we will be addressing that in a future video and article.

I am not expecting you to be perfect. I certainly am not and am constantly working to be better and to strive for yet a greater life. Just commit to starting to pay attention and commit to doing the best that you can.

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