Let’s Make This Year, 2017, The Best Year of Your Life!

Our Goal: To help you experience 10X higher energy, clarity, productivity and ultimately joy in your life starting NOW.

What’s the #1 thing everyone in the world wants?

I believe the answer, quite simply, is: MORE

We all want MORE:

Energy and Good Health

Success and Money


Passion in our Relationships

Peace and Joy





To help you have and enjoy all of this and more, we need to Activate Your Full Potential.  We need to make it clear and simple for you to get focused on the things that matter most to help you be the best you can be.

Those of you that know me know that I am not a fan of fad gimmicky diets or plans.

The entire mission of us here at SanaView is to help you Embrace a Better Life with ideas that are actually common sense.  You just need to be COACHED along and REMINDED to keep you on track, just like a high performing athlete or multi-million dollar executive.  DID YOU KNOW THAT THESE CONCEPTS WE ARE TEACHING YOU ARE EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS THAT HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL HIGH PERFORMING PEOPLE DO EVERY DAY?

Where should you begin?

Taking care of yourself is the most important place to start.  If you have low energy and foggy thinking, it will be that much more difficult to be clear, confident, productive in your life and all of your relationships will suffer because of this.  And worse yet, you may have or develop health challenges which will really slow you down from living your best life.

Are you worried that it is going to be far too difficult to do the things you need to do?

Well, it’s not difficult at all.  You do not need to immediately jump on some crazy severe cleanse protocol or go out and run ten miles.  Those can be things you choose to do now and then if you like, but what I want to encourage you to start doing, are certain things EVERY DAY that support you now and ongoing. Did you know that your body actually naturally detoxes every minute of every day?  You just need to give it the support it needs to do it’s job well.


How to Increase Your Energy and Clear Thinking by 10X:

  • Get approximately 8 hours of sleep per night.  Actually, it is recommended that you get eight or nine hours per night! Some people think that to be highly productive in their lives, they need to sleep less to do more. This has been proven to be false thinking and actually, without the proper amount of rest, it is similar to being drunk. You simply can’t function in life at high levels of performance if you are not fully rested. Not getting enough sleep also makes you more irritable and prone to experiencing negative effects of stress. All of this impacts your emotional and physical wellbeing as well as your relationships. Did you know too that if you do not get enough sleep, your metabolism and your hormones that affect food cravings would also be negatively impacted? Well, this is why getting sleep is the first thing we talk about in our extensive article on how to Balance Your Weight Naturally (our polite way of saying “lose weight”).
  • Drink at least 3 liters of filtered or spring water every day. YOU CAN’T FUNCTION IF YOU ARE DEHYDRATED and this is key for energy and detoxifying. Every cell of your body and brain is at least 70% water. All of your bodily functions can not work properly if they are dehydrated. You also can’t have clear thinking and manage stress easily if the cells of your brain are crusty and dry. Some say that you should strive for between 3 and 6 liters of water per day. How do you do this? Set triggers in your mind or on your phone to remind you. I like to strive for one liter when I first wake up and before lunch and dinner. That way, it is simple for me to get at least 3 liters without much thought. Getting hydrated will increase your energy dramatically. The next time you are reaching for caffeine, get a glass of fresh water instead and see how great you will feel.
  • Eat three healthy meals filled with colorful plant foods (especially green).  The more color the better again, for energy and to support detoxification. Fresh whole and if possible, raw fruits and vegetables will provide you so much energy and great nourishment and will give your body exactly what it needs to detoxify and fight disease. All of the colors of the rainbow from the plant kingdom, provide your immune system with a wonderful array of antioxidants and phytonutrients to keep you in optimal health and full of life force energy. The great additional benefit is that they taste great and there is so much variety on offer from Mother Nature. If you don’t yet know how to do this or what to eat, please surf our site through our multitude of recipes and videos to further inspire you along this path to delicious living.
  • Avoid all simple sugar and processed white flour products. Simple sugars, and processed foods that turn into sugar quickly in our blood stream, deplete us of energy and good health, and the sugar makes us irritable and less able to handle stress and have a balanced outlook on life. This does not mean you have to give up sweet taste. Actually, I recommend you do not deprive yourself of tastes and textures you love but do satisfy these desires with healthy options. For great truly healthy yet decadent dessert ideas visit
  • Stretch and Exercise Daily.  This is not just about being fit and trim. Yes, you feel better in your body when you are slimmer and have good muscle tone. Plus, better muscle tone helps to boost your metabolism to keep you slim and weight bearing exercise supports bone health. The other thing to realize, though, is that your body is meant to move to help your body detoxify (through sweat and deep breathing) and great levels of energy are experienced when we are oxygenated. Studies show that just by going on a 30-minute brisk walk 5 times per week, you lower inflammation in your body and help reduce chances of getting cancer. Simply stretching, which is a great thing to do in the morning or during a break mid-day, opens up your body, allowing everything to flow easily and will naturally boost your energy.
  • Block Your Phone/email etc.. for 50 minute blocks of time so you can focus on your highest priority tasks WITHOUT MULTITASKING! Then get up and stretch, walk around and breathe deeply instead of hitting the caffeine to boost your energy. Today, there are too many distractions that beep their way onto our radar constantly each day. You may think that multi-tasking is a high productivity habit, but it actually produces the opposite effect. When you are not focused on one thing at a time, each thing you are trying to do is compromised in some way, especially when it is something that takes focused thought and attention. Emails, social media posts, text messages and phone calls are actually someone else’s agenda and priority. If you are trying to complete a specific task THAT IS YOUR PRIORITY, these interruptions may seem urgent but usually, they just slow down your progress. When you block time to focus on important critical tasks without interruption, you get the job done better and faster than if you allow these constant hiccups on your thought process. You also your energy will feel less depleted and your mood and stress level greatly improved because you allowed yourself time for clear and calm thinking without interruption.
  • Meditate or find ways to calm your mind DAILY!  Detoxing your mind of negativity and stress will help you to increase your energy and clarity by 10X. Meditation is one key way to learn how to release thoughts, calm your mind and clear away all of the chatter that drains our energy and clouds our thinking. Because of this, meditation has been found to help us improve concentration, self awareness and happiness! Try to find a few minutes each day, or even a few times a day, to clean up your mind of old debris and make room for peaceful thoughts to flow.

All of these concepts we will teach in more detail as we stride forward throughout 2017 to create our best life.

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