As many of you know, I am a speaker, teacher and advocate of bringing into your body as many fresh plant foods as possible.  This is the secret to a long, healthy, energized and happy life.  Beautiful colorful fruits and vegetables of all varieties have exactly what your immune system needs to fight and eliminate disease.  I see countless clients reversing chronic health concerns such as heart disease, type II diabetes, autoimmune disorders and even cancer when they follow this concept.  The solution is so simple and so powerful that it is unbelievable sometimes that I get paid for teaching what is actually common sense!


Through the years, I began to realize that it is not just what you eat but how it is grown and where it comes from that matters too.  The key points that I am teaching this weekend at the Mother Earth News Fair at Seven Springs Mountain Resort and at our farm, SanaView Farms, is that you do not need to be a farmer to have and enjoy the most powerful nutrition possible.  Everyone can have access to the most healing foods, and it is simple.


Nutrients are formed in our produce when it is allowed to fully ripen on a plant grown in healthy soil with fresh filtered or spring water and lots of fresh air and sunlight. This not only helps the fruits and vegetables develop nutrients, but it enables them to develop rich and wonderful flavor too. That is simple enough, right? Well, since the average food on our plate comes from 2000 miles away, our food is not allowed to ripen on the plant but instead is picked unripe and hopefully ripens during shipping or while on the grocery store shelf. The food then is unable to develop its full nutrient content if it is not left on the vine through to maturity. Did you ever wonder why that tomato you are eating mid winter has no flavor?


So, this is why we advocate eating fresh and local when possible or even growing your own healing foods in your garden. Even if you don’t have a garden, you can grow the most powerful nutrition right on your kitchen countertop all year long. How do you do this?


First, stock up on fresh produce when in season from your local farmer’s market or grocery store and learn to store for winter use. Freezing, drying, dehydrating and canning foods is an amazing fun activity during harvest season and provides the most unbelievable joy mid winter when you are indulging in delicious produce from the previous summer. There is nothing more amazing to me then opening a jar of my own tomato sauce or homemade soup and grabbing a bag of frozen green beans from the freezer to enjoy mid winter. To me, that is true living and the flavors are far more incredible than anything I can buy at the store.


I teach often, the benefits of including fresh greens in your diet every single day. It is even possible to have fresh locally grown greens all winter too. You can grow fresh spinach and arugula in a cold frame or greenhouse all winter in your back yard. We teach at SanaView Farms how to grow fresh greens in an unheated greenhouse all winter.   For many, however, this is not feasible. Did you know, then, that you could grow the most powerful nutrition right on your kitchen countertop all year long? The answer is to grow sprouts and microgreens.


Fresh sprouts and microgreens have been reported to have 4 – 40 times more nutrients than the adult grown plant! Broccoli sprouts, for example, were even found in research at John Hopkins University to be so powerfully rich with phytonutrients (plant nutrients) that help our body fight cancer. Sprouts and microgreens are so easy to grow right in your kitchen and cost you pennies. There is no validity to those who say that eating healthy has to be expensive.


So, to learn how to do this all of this, come to see our talk at Mother Earth News Fair this weekend or follow our blog and join as a member of our site to watch videos and to receive follow on detailed instructions and begin to live and embrace a better life!