Speaking Engagements

Personal Counseling
Janet McKee is a spectacular fresh face on the motivational stage with life-changing information that you will never forget.

Janet McKee is one of the most vibrant inspirational and motivational speakers of our time. She is known for captivating her audience through the use of real life stories and anecdotal accounts that draw people in, entertain them, uplift and empower them with real solutions that they can begin to use to improve their lives immediately.

Janet has an extensive background in high-level corporate positions but then moved to wellness and then to motivational speaking because of her passion and desire to help others.  Because of this varied background, she relates to and wins the hearts and minds of her entire audience.

Her talks can range from a wide variety of topics including, but not limited to:

Easy, Effective and Enjoyable Ways to Embrace a Better Life

High Performance™ Living – Living a Highly Productive Life with Joy and Confidence

Being Your Best and Highest Self

Lavish Living (A Life of Abundance)

The Power of Food to Regenerate Our Land and Our Health

Food for Life

The Healing Power of Food

Truly Decadent Healthy Desserts

The Health Benefits of Chocolate

Why Raw is Hot


To hire Ms. McKee as a key speaker for one of your events, contact info@sanaview.com or call (724) 417-6695.  Rates and contracts are based on each engagement.