Janet has helped many through the positive inspiration she instills in others, either through working one-on-one in a private consultation or coaching program or in front of large groups of thousands of people. Janet is passionate about the information she shares. By inspiring and teaching others how to live a better life, she feels she is having a positive impact on humanity. Through her own life challenges, Janet rose above a feeling of hopelessness and despair to become a highly vibrant, healthy, and charismatic teacher who shares her knowledge with great love and generosity.

Working with Janet or listening to her speak in one of her talks, workshops or retreats, you have the opportunity to begin improving your life immediately.

Personal Counseling
Personal or Group Coaching

With our High Performance Coaching™ and wellness programs, ¬†Janet Mckee will become your personal advocate for living an energized and passionate life.

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Motivational Speaking

Spice up your event with Janet McKee’s completely unique, fun, energetic and motivational talks to inspire you to live your best life.

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High Performance™ Corporate Workshops

Enable your staff to be fully engaged, energized, and motivated to create an environment that instills clarity, confidence and increases overall productivity.

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Rejuvenation Retreats

Surround yourself in peace and tranquility as you luxuriate in a true detoxification and rejuvenation of your mind and body.

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How to Grow Your Own Heirloom Tomatoes Workshop
Vibrant Health Workshops

Transform yourself by attending an in-depth workshop teaching you how to care for yourself holistically.

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Cancer Therapy Workshops
Triumphant Life Workshops

Learn how you too can have it all, an abundance of peace, joy, health, wealth, love or whatever your heart desires.

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