What if LOVE Ruled the World?

What if LOVE Ruled the World?

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This video is a quick Facebook live clip that I took with my iPhone right in my front yard.  It is not a professional video like we often offer, but what I say is very powerful (with a bit of humor).  Please read and/or listen to what I have to say and share it with others.  We will do a more professional take on this topic soon.

There appears to be trouble in the world.  Acts of violence, terrorism and abuse have been frequenting the headlines, especially lately.  I usually avoid the news as I often feel it is all dramatized bad news and I work to stay positive at all costs.  Recently, however, I have felt drawn to contemplate what is happening and share my thoughts.

There is so much focus on all that wrong or bad in the world and it leaves us feeling as if all of these bad people are in control of our hearts and minds.  Anything that controls our thoughts has power over us.

What if instead, love had all of the power and thus ruled the world?  What would it be like?

Well, let’s see, I did some research.  There are 7 billion people on earth.  If we consider that on average, each person committed at least one act of kindness today, then what would that mean?  Remember, if you think possibly some did none, remember that many do much more than one on a given day.

So, this means that there possibly were 7 billion smiles, compliments given, handshakes, hugs or kisses today.  Wow, that is a lot.

Consider further that 7 billion people celebrated their birthday this year or on average, 1.9 million celebrate each day.  Now that is a lot of joyful celebrations.

Research too shows that there were 27,254,366 marriages worldwide in a given year (the report was actually for 2006/2007).  The report included all of the countries from Albania to Zimbabwe. Not all of the countries reported.  For example, Zimbabwe did not report and have not reported since 1969.  Does this mean that nobody is getting married in Zimbabwe anymore?  We simply don’t know.  But Yemen, which comes before Zimbabwe in the alphabetical list of countries, did report 10,394 marriages that year.  A total of 27million is certainly a lot of weddings and therefore, a lot of love.

Last year, there were 130,000,000 babies born.  That averages out to 356,164 babies born each day.  That’s a lot of babies which to me means a lot of cute and tender love that pours from many hearts.

I then realized, if 130,000,000 babies were born then it means that at least 130,000,000 couples made love this year!  And, let’s assume that not only couples having babies made love. If we conservatively multiple by 10, considering that other couples in intimate relationships who are not having babies are still making love; that means that 1.3billion couples at least made love last year and since further research shows that couples on average make love about once per week, that means that 185 million people make love each day.  WOW!  Now that is a ton of love!

Considering all of this, I would say that LOVE DOES RULE THE WORLD.  Those that are acting out of anything other than love are a very very small minority.

I am not trying to diminish the pain that has been felt over these horrible tragedies.  The fact that these episodes upset us so much is actually beautiful. It shows that we are human and are filled with love.  The opposite of love is not hate, it is indifference.  We certainly do not feel indifferent about these situations.  We are actually coming from a place of love.

What I’m saying here is that what we give our attention to grows with energy and power.  When I work with a client who has a health challenge, we focus on health and wellness instead of the illness.  We do not want to give the illness more power.

We need to focus on the power of love that we already have and that already rules the world.  When we give love our attention, the more we wrap the world in the love that we feel, the more this will continue to grow and gain power.

Have love on your mind and send it from your heart to the world.  Just like you are going to the election booth to choose a new ruler, vote for love today.

I love you, Janet


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