Leading You to a Successful Life

Boca Raton, Florida February 24th-26th

Happiness Cultivates Success

This retreat is unlike anything you have experienced or heard before. We have the newest, innovative, science-backed strategies and tools proven to finally help you achieve success in every area of your life, and we want you to have them now.

The cornerstone of all success is based on your level of joy and fulfillment, not the other way around.  The problem is that happiness is elusive for many. In today’s world, everyone lives at a level of stress, fear, and anxiety, that destroys the quality of their work, their relationships, and their health.  People keep striving and struggling only to be left feeling stuck and frustrated because they can’t seem to figure out how to reach the levels in life they long for.

Welcome to our Accelerated High Performance Retreat.  High Performance is going beyond the standard norms consistently over time. We are going to teach you everything you need to know to achieve success in your own life, both personal and professional while maintaining the health and happiness required to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.


February 24th – 26th

Arrive between 5PM – 9PM on February 24th. Depart around 1PM on February 26th (or stay and enjoy recreational activities.)


The Waterstone by Hilton, Boca Raton Florida

999 East Camino Real
Boca Raton, FL 33432 United States

Join Leaders in High Performance and Success

Janet McKee, Bob Eckle

In this retreat, you will learn and discuss specific science-backed strategies that you can incorporate in your business and your life to get immediate and positive results. These are proven methods to help you achieve greater levels of success as a result of 20 years of research by the High Performance Institute.

Join Janet McKee, CEO of Sanaview, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Wellness Expert and Certified in High Performance, and Bob Eckle, Business Owner and Leader in Employee Motivation and Retention, who are both known for leading individuals and companies through expertly crafted workshops and inspirational talks, unlike anything you may have experienced before.

I know this sounds like a bold promise, but stick with us as we unveil new information that we are finally ready to bring to individuals and organizations which is going to completely change and improve the way people work and live.

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